Making an fe8 romhack using the FEBuilderGBA tool. Is there a patch that could give me more/easier options for setting enemy AI?

Specifically what I’m looking for is a type of AI that is used commonly in Shadow Dragon and Three Houses.

It is basically fe12 linked AI flipped on its head. Basically certain enemies are grouped together and if the player enters the range of ANY enemy within the group, every unit in the group begins moving regardless of whether or not they are able to attack on the same turn. This prevents the bait and switch strategy that dominates a lot of vanilla fe8, but in a way that is much more fair and fast paced than fe12’s linked AI.

Is it possible to recreate this in gba fire emblem using the FeBuilderGBA tool by means of a technique or a patch? I know I can probably do it through eventing, but I’m still learning how events work and it sounds incredibly tedious to make an event for every enemy group. If it isn’t possible, I can just use 2-3 tile wide wall cracks and drawbridges/snags to recreate the effect, or very meticulously placed (move if can attack within 2 turns) enemies, but simply having an AI option will give me much more freedom in map design.

Leadership AI exists in vanilla (if you enter the range of the commander, all linked enemies will charge). There’s also this, made to work with skillsys:

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Thank you thank you!!! This is exactly what I needed! In vanilla is was able to find “Attack with commander” but not “move with commander”.

Anyway, when the creator says it ONLY works with the fe8 skill system, are they referring to the skills patch, or the very barebones skill system of the vanilla game?

The patch. I use their hack myself - it’s great! You may have to run a custom build to insert it, though.[]=custom&s[]=build