Making a tileset

How does one make a tileset?
Can someone provide me a tutorial?

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This might be a place to start, although I haven’t followed it myself.

No, not really. This talks about how to inert a tileset, this I know.

I want to edit one myself and then import it.

It really depends on what exactly you want to do. But a tileset that you use to make a map consists of 3 elements, an object image, a mapchip & a pallete. First one is essentially what quarter tiles look like. The second is arranging those onto the tileset board in various configurations & a pallete is well the colors, an important part but also the most temporary part.

Each of these have to be focused on to do specific things, but if you’re adding something new or making something unique, the object & base pallete are likely the most important things to start with. Or rather the color arrangement.

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What I want to do isn’t much. I’d like to make on-tile castles and villages in FE6 fields.

That is… a lot. Not as much as making a tileset from scratch. But certainly more than most of the GBA friendly stuff I do.

That said, doing fe6 fields is smart since you will have more room to fit stuff. But I need to note a few things, most of all is, most assets be it roads, cliffs or even mountains. Don’t use much space on the tileset. But individual buildings take by comparison a lot more. Not to mention indoor castle assets are complex and so generally take a whole tileset.

This is usually why people will take a fort tileset and add outdoor assets instead of the other way around. So although this can be done, you are going to need to make some compromises that will make it pretty on the level with a fort tileset, so I would personally do what I recommended above instead.

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Space isn’t an issue. I’d like to replace the castle and the village.

Oh I read that wrong XD Because for what id assumed you’d have space issues across the board. For replacing them you can simply edit the object image, but (and I’m pretty sure they use the first pallete row) you have to keep in mind that they take up some of the colors, and a couple of those may intersect with the mountains I believe. But so long as you handle that in usenti, you should be fine.

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I did something like this

How to put it into the tile configuration?

Nevermind, it works. Have a solution.