Making a rom

i am kind of making a rom on sacred stones. but some things i dont know how to edit. like glens death or that talk in castle frelia after ch 1 or ch 8 if im not wrong. and so im asking for help to anyone who would like to help me. and i would like to change the health limit to 80

How are you hacking the ROM? I’d recommend opening up the ROM using FEBuilder and finding the conversations and events you want to change. They are laid out in order by chapter, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find.

Health limit can also be changed via a patch that comes available with FEB.

The first thing i understandt but i dont understand the second a patch? where can i use it i already use FEBuilderGBA.

In order to get to Patches you have to first go to Advanced Editors.

Then you go to patches in the bottom right of the Advanced Editors menu.

Then finally search for hp in the filter and look for “Playable Character HP Limit” and “Foe HP Limit”


Thanks i will do that inmediatly