MakeHack Questions

So I’ve been doing so basic name and description edits using the MakeHack program and none on my edits are there. I have the correct pointers and everything and put it all through the text processer and it saves it’s been installed. So where is it all going? I keep checking the FE Hack created but nothing has changed. Also, what are the “mouth_x/y” and “eyes_x/y” and where can I find them from a portrait. Also, I’m putting my map into tmx2ea and I’m getting no dmp file, if downloaded an entirely new Buildfire Demo in order to fix it and that didn’t work either.

Whew okay that’s a lot.

Let’s see if your issue is with MAKEHACK.
Your file for MAKEHACK should look something like this.

@echo off
cd %~dp0
copy Clean.gba ROM.gba
cd "%~dp0(Folder Name for Event Assembler within the folder containing MAKEHACK)"
Core A FE8 "-output:%~dp0ROM.gba" "-input:%~dp0(Name of Buildfile).event"

Assuming that Clean.gba is a clean ROM you don’t touch, and ROM.gba is what you want to be your edited ROM to be. You should be running MAKEHACK, and Clean.gba is copied to ROM.gba. Then, EA is making changes to ROM.gba based on what you specify in your buildfile.

Mouth X/Y and Eyes X/Y are the X/Y positions of the mouth and eyes in a portrait. They handle where the blinking and mouth frames actually show up in a portrait.

The issue with your map… I don’t know. Could you upload your .tmx so I could see if there’s anything wrong with it?

You can’t send .tmx files. Thanks for everything else

You could put your .tmx in dropbox or something similar then post the link.

Alternatively, you could post a picture of your map with the main tile layer properties open.

This uses tileset 01 00 38 03, correct?

Is this what your map is supposed to look like? If not, something seriously funky is going on. Start over with a fresh .tmx file.

If it’s correct, I don’t think that would cause tmx2ea to not assemble it, but that would sure make an interesting chapter. If I were you, I’d try taking replacing the black tiles with something else. Those may be confusing tmx2ea.

I don’t think this would prevent tmx2ea from working, but under Tile Layer 1 -> Properties (Next to Tileset). Make a new custom property titled “Main” with no description. This lets it differentiate the main map from tile changes.

I’m not sure what else would be causing the problem. You drag and drop the .tmx file onto tmx2ea, wait for it to finish, and no event file is outputted?

I think you may have the wrong tileset? The tileset it goes with starts with a 13 I’m pretty sure

There is no tileset with a 13 in it. What’s the exact tileset number it uses? According to the .tmx you sent me, Tileset 01 00 38 03 was used. This is FE8, right?

Yes, maybe I put in an FE7 tileset or something