Make A Really Terrific Hack: MARTH

The reply I sent seemingly fixed both issues, as now I have the member level, I think?
Anyway, this is the public submission of my hack for this, in case anyone is interested in trying it. Also my first hack, so it’s not too great, but nonetheless I hope it is somewhat enjoyable.

If there are any problems with the link, the patch, or anything else related to this reply or the hack, please let me know.


~ Manaketes and Warps ~


I come out of retirement (or something) to offer you guys, once again, the experience of not playing Fire Emblem. Although I guess this time Vesly is joining me on that, the more the merrier.

Today I bring with me a hopefully fresh take on a classic board game.

This hack features...
  • Cute graphics! So cute that I had to post the title screen twice!

  • A Fire Emblem twist on snaking and laddering!

  • Stunning character development! Such a moving plot!

  • And a triangularly advantageous, weapon swapping, tactical board game action twist, for up to three players!

  • Also cool music by Alusq! But that’s hard to provide pictures for!

Credits listed on the readme file.


Did someone say not playing Fire Emblem? Clay no more!


Something strange is going on at Renais Castle! Traps have appeared all over the place, and Ephraim’s explosive personality has caused him to leave in frustration, leaving it up to Eirika to solve this problem. Will she be able to Sweep this mess under the rug, or will this powder keg blow up in her face?


  • Mined-blowing puzzles!
  • Classic, beloved gameplay!
  • Infinite* replayability!
  • 5 boom-bastical audio tracks!

Of these contest submissions, won’t you play Mine?


Credits listed in



Trader Raiders is a FE8U submission; apply .ups patch to the appropriate ROM.
It’s a pretty standardish chapter, but I had fun making certain parts of it! If you’ve played Long-Lost Friends, there’s a lot of gameplay stuff that’s carried over from that. However, even if you have, there’s some new items to play with in this chapter!




This is your 24-hour warning. If you’re still working on a submission, please spend your last day wisely. No extensions will be given.
Overall, I’m very happy with the turnout. The full entry count will be revealed when submissions close, but this is shaping up to be a big contest. Thank you to everyone who entered for their time, and good luck to all entrants.


I had alot of fun making this map, as my first experience romhacking. The map has 11 playable units, each with one personal skill. The only enemies that have a skill are the stationary boss on the seize point and the Ranger reinforcement boss

Thanks to all the people who answered my random questions, and the large amount of f2u assets this community provides.


Oh wow, so many more posts since I last checked in.
My chapter is just about ready, but I realized that I’d never made a post so… figured I should do some prep work to make sure I can post links lol
I wish everyone luck and hope I have time to check out some of these awesome looking levels


Closing Act.emulator-4

  • Play as a bunch of peasant rebels in way over their heads
  • Overcome superior foes with status effects, buffs, debuffs and AoEs
  • An excessive variety of weapons and items
  • Everyone comes with canto+/shove for quick smash and grab

Closing Act.emulator-3Closing Act.emulator-5

All credits in the folder.
Shoutout to Vesly and Retina for helping me with technical issues, and to Bpat, Loog, Kyrads. Roze
and TorT for playtesting to refine the hack.
Roze made several player portraits (for a 1 chapter hack!), absolute legend.

The MARTH submissions are looking absolutely fire, definitely interested in giving them a spin.


Tower Defense (FE8U)

  • Buy units from forts
  • Players only attack on action phase
  • Units continuously attack on the action phase until the wave of enemies is defeated
  • Enemies are randomized


  • Epic boss to defeat on final wave



Cyclops portrait - L95
Autosave turn - 7743, aera, FE8Girls
TileChangeCondition - 7743
RNGRandomizer - TR143
SkipOpening - 7743
ModularGoalWindow - Contro
Shoutouts to @Parrhesia for playtesting feedback

and the SkillSys credits

Source code: GitHub - Veslyquix/TowerDef

As a one chapter hack, this is a proof of concept. If anyone’s interested in developing this further (eg. more chapters), message me and we’ll collaborate.



We Are Legion

You play as Legion. Your goal is to defeat Marth.
Whenever any Legion unit attacks, if both units survives, the target becomes Legion while keeping their class, stats and items.
Have fun turning the cast of Archanea into Legion clones!

Download Download and patch to FE8U. From my testing, mGBA sometimes has weird lags, so I recommend using VBA/VBA-M.


1 2
3 4


ASM, EA & tools:

  • Skill System
  • EasyBuildfile {Mystic}
  • FEBuilderGBA {7743}
  • Advanced music installer {Alusq}
  • Icon Display {Vesly}
  • 256 colours titlescreen background {Leonarth}
  • Fixed-range Warp {Pikmin1211}
  • Monster Weapon display fix {circleseverywhere}
  • Set Gold Value ASMC {Brendor, Venno}
  • Pretty much every single asm/ea/buildfiles tutorial on FEUniverse


  • FE03 - Main Theme {Sme}
  • FE11 - Attack {Sme}
  • FE11 - Combat Mission {Sme}
  • FE11 - Defense {Sme}
  • FE11 - Onset {SaXor the Nobody}
  • FE11 - Together We Ride {Sme}
  • FE12 - Endless Battle {REALxViPerZ}
  • FE12 - Tearful Shadows {RSflame}


  • Legion {Glaceo}
  • Abel {Blueyguy}
  • Barst {Nobody, Glaceo, Nickt, ReykRS}
  • BatimaTheBat - Doplh
  • Beck {Wasdye}
  • Bord {Frigid, Nickt}
  • Caeda {TAS20XX}
  • Cain {TAS20XX}
  • Card_Doga
  • Catria {Redbean}
  • Cord {GFE1R, CranJam}
  • Eremiya {WAve}
  • Est {Plant_Academy}
  • Gordin {Blueyguy}
  • Jagen {Flasuban}
  • Jake FE11 {Kanna}
  • Julian {Glaceo}
  • Kris {Atey, Arcth}
  • Lena {Blade}
  • Linde {MK404}
  • Marth {Atey}
  • Marth (Anime version)
  • Oguma {CircleEverywhere, Nickt}
  • Palla {Jopettajah}
  • Phina {TAS20XX}
  • Radd (version 2) {Zorua}
  • Wrys {Blueyguy}

Battle Animations:

  • [FE7 Eliwood-Variant] [M] T1 Marth Thrust-Stab by Blaze

Map Animations:

  • Lord (M) FE3 Marth {ThyAnarchists}

…How the hell have I not seen any of these thread replies until now?

Guess now’s as good a time as any to link the thread for mine and Adarya’s submission.



  • A sidestory to the original Storge, taking place around the same time.
  • Featuring friends from the original cast, although some have turned foe…
  • A couple different endings. Can you find the best one?

Dropbox - - Simplify your life




All original Storge credits apply.
Vanir, Pavi, and Jebediah portraits by JiroPaiPai.
Vanguard anim by Cipher Lee.
The Harvester icon by Lisandra Brave.


How much time to do y’all have left?

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You have twenty minutes.


Final Jeopardy music plays


Hey I’m trying to submit and cant figure out how lol please dont disqualify me.


I present:
FE Smash N’ Grab! (Final Mix lol)

Featuring Capture as a main focus!
Reduced weapon durability! (By alot!)
Big map! (If thats you’re thing!)
And more! (And maybe s’more!)
Credits and patch below:

(Letting you know, assets were swapped in and out here and there, so lemme know if I credited you for nothing, or failing to credit you!)

Fair warning: This hasn’t been playtested the most. Just thought I’d let you know!

Edit: After two days of work (and polishing), it is now playable! If you have an older patch, it is now a MUST to update please!
This won’t happen again. I promise. :smile:


Send Darrman an FEUniverse DM. Don’t forget to include download and patching instructions!

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Image of the title of my game since I was slow on the draw to be able to post here. I present: Heir of Leonster.
Heir of Leonster 2 Corrected

*I’ve already noticed a little glitch that doubled up some dialogue and removed another set. Hopefully the rest of the game functions. I was a little rushed to make it, I only saw this competition a few days ago.

*There were a lot of glitches, I already updated the file to make it a little more playable for anyone wanting to check it out but I’ll be patching this up completely soon.

*File updated to version 1.0, glitch-free. Give it another shot if you played it once already!