Make a Fun Chapter: FEU It Again

Been lurking here a year, im interested in trying this.

Seems like fun, sign me up.

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I’m doing this tenor


I will also join in.

I’m in

Who could possibly see this and say no?

Count me in~

@Alusq I have a quick question about the box rules: Does everyone get the same box, or is it unique for each person? Thanks for running this contest.

I dunno how much free time I have in the months to come, but I’ll sign up anyways.

Sign me up too

Everyone’s going to be getting a different box. Ideally (and I don’t see why not with the glut of free-to-use resources we’ve gotten in the past year), each box will have a combination of resources that completely differs from the others. This is the real meat of the box idea; you’re going to be given a smattering of random stuff and one-fourth of your score will rely on your ability to improvise around this.

Re: comparing chapters, this is why we’re going to have several judges this time around. “How well was your box used” is as subjective as “how fun was the chapter”. The third judge in our panel, by the way, is going to be SgtSmilies! Together with Chair and myself, I’m confident that we’ll have a very well-rounded set of minds to judge entries intuitively and constructively… and let me say that I’m very excited by the amount of people who have signed up for a box so far! This is gonna be good.


Alright. Thanks for explaining that. I’m excited to see how all of this turns out!

Also, I came up with a dumb idea for the example box you gave us. A team of explorers (a Wyvern Rider, a Shaman, and an Archer) explore the Western Isles searching for a mystical artifact, while contending with fog of war, siege tomes, and ghostly guardians.

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Hit me with one of those loot boxes.

I’m interested

I’ll give it a shot, sure. Add me to the list.

I wanna try

This sounds interesting, I wanna give it a shot.

This sounds like a pretty fun Idea. I’d like to have a box when they’re distributed.
Also, will some of the implementable asssets like portraits, animations, and music all be given in the boxes as like zip files, or must we find every resource ourselves on this website?

I want in on this action. I need to test my creative skills

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Things that are just pictures, like portraits, will be given as images in the message. Everything else will be in the form of download links (so for that wyvern rider w/ axe example, I’d go to the animation thread, find the link and make sure it works, then include the link in the message). While giving everyone a .zip containing all of their box stuff would be fun, I’m afraid it wouldn’t logistically work as well.