Make a Fun Chapter: FEU It Again

Here is mine


Well here it is: it’s very VERY rough and needs a lot of polishing…


Would it be too much trouble to ask for an extension right now?

I was pretty busy the last 2 weeks (i.e education yadda yadda yadda), but I managed to get back on track with my chapter despite needing to write dialogue and finish up some touches on portraits. It’s 3/4s complete, and I’m hoping I’ll have it finished by then.

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Here’s mine. Flame Seal: The Knight of Light.
Patch to FE8.


Holy fuck. This looks amazing.

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And my submission is ready to go.

Apply patch to FE8.


@Alusq @anon98251803 @SgtSmilies
Okay, this time for real is the final version:


Alright, here we go…

A collaborative entry from Shep and Bluid! We hope you enjoy.

(FE8 btw)

(We managed to get all our box in there too.)
protip: only one status effect can be active at once
Credit that was unfortunately left out of the box: Credit to Lenh for help with the Ramshead design, credit to Blaze for additional mug/graphics advice and tweaks, also Glacoe for the original Saela map base sprite.


@Mystic @Krisk you can both have until midnight on the 6th to wrap things up.

To everyone who has submitted a chapter (or maybe is having difficulties and will get it in in the following hours; that’s okay too), I would like to extend a hearty congratulations and thank you for such an amazing turnout! The number of entrants who have come through with a chapter isn’t final, but I can already say that this is far beyond my expectations: I was hoping we would get at least five chapters, but we’ve already got well over several times that! I’m looking forward to a very exciting month.

edit: if you still need to ask for a last-minute extension, don’t be afraid to do that either


The next few days off work are gonna be fun once everything’s submitted, haha

Having finally gotten through the last little bits of testing and polish holding us back… we’re finally done! Patch to a clean FE8 and you’re good to go.

EDIT: Link broke so here’s a new one:

RE - Saga of the Shivering Shores V1

~ Xenith, Pwntagonist and GenericCivilian3


[quote=“Alusq, post:1, topic:5426”]
8. Avoid excessively luck-based elements[/quote]
Disregarding - Dropbox Download
edit: I forgot the readmes!
edit2: this is an FE8 patch
ReadMe.txt (pastebin) - Dropbox Mirror

…JAtwood, I literally used your system’s quote button and that quote box was the output and it didn’t do the right thing.

Truly, amazing.

edit: The files were dead!


Alright, the extension proved to be more than enough time for me to put the finishing touches and wrap-up my project for this. It should be mostly fine and polished up.
Here is a link to the patch and Credits.
Apply to an FE7 ROM.

Known bug:
If texts from the final boss are skipped, there is a chance that the text box and text may linger, though this is only a graphical glitch and should not impact gameplay.


I’m sorry I was so late with this. I was busy this month.
Chapter Here


Heads-up: I’m going to be on a family vacation from Thursday until Monday evening and I do not intend on bringing my computer since there’ll be so much to do I doubt I’ll get the downtime. To anyone who asked for an extension: your deadline has passed unless you asked for a second extension. If you still have an entry you need to post or another reason to contact me, please do so and don’t panic if you don’t get a reply. I’ll log into FEU on my phone and give your posts a like when I see them. I will not be on Discord because I prefer to keep the Discord app off of my phone.

That’s okay; you still made it! However, it seems this Google Drive link requires a sign-in. Can you post a public link?

Whoops my bad.

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Whew, needed the extensions since life got super busy and I nearly didn’t finish this on time anyway. But after asking for 2 extensions, I feel like I had to release something anyway.

Patch here. It’s a bit different that my usual works but it was fun. Probably should’ve passed it to a friend to give that a shot first but oh well.

I don’t remember how to do spoilers so I’ve attached known bugs, my box and my thoughts on it as a readme here.

Patch to FE8 (U).


It’s been a month, can we get an ETA?


We’re working on it, there’s a lot of entries, over 20 in fact. Can’t really give an ETA since there are 3 judges, each with their own schedules.

Please be patient, it’ll take some time.

I’d also like to thank everyone who’s submitted an entry, I’ve been enjoying my time playing them so far!


I meant to reply to this earlier but didn’t get the chance. I’ve been playing the entries at a pretty steady pace but it’s been slow because June has been a very busy month for me (karma for holding the contest in May? you decide). I’m probably going to be slamming out the rest in the next week or so.