Main Character personalities you want to see in a mainline or ROM hack Fire Emblem

I notice some people who are making some polls involving Fire Emblem. I might as well join the bandwagon.

  • Acting Moron, Secret Genius
  • One Liner Master Before and After the Kill
  • Depressed Person
  • Neurodivergent
  • Done with everyone’s shenanigans
  • The Troll
  • Split Personality
  • The Karma Houdini
  • The Wildcard
  • The Aware Isekai who knows the Cliches of Fire Emblem
  • Fourth Wall Breaker
  • Others
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is a bit sad seeing how people wants lords with some kind of mental disorder lmao

i just want a funny fella that is inmature and grows up in the story, but never loses his funny side


they should put mario in the next one
thats what the people really want


Hi, I’m a neurodivergent person (I have autism specifically)

It is not sad, it’s about wanting representation. Is it so strange to want characters that represent people that are so often othered by society? What’s so sad about that?


most coherent community post


I want a diva. Not so much in the comedy sense, but in the there’s something legitimately wrong with them sense.

Like someone who’s the polar opposite of Dimitri. They’re big and think they’re all that, but as the game progresses their positive traits come out.

There are all sorts of fun social dynamics which can arise from it (some people respect them, many revere them, and many people just don’t want to put up with them at all).

I know that will likely never happen, but I find the concept thought provoking nonthess.


Will be honest - it’s about how it will be tackled in a story plot, as it is pretty easy to fuck how a character is made by extrapolating a trait into absolute chaos - to the point it isn’t as representative as it was expected to be.

Then again, Kurt Irving exists (a pretty good character, mind you.)

Much like other forms of representation it very much is easy to mess up by falling into trappings such as stereotypes or playing it up for ‘comedy’.

However, I choose to have the outlook that I would like for this to be honestly and genuinely attempted rather than not at all. This IS a community after all, anyone making a genuine attempt at representation can be helped and given feedback, it’s only a matter of taking it to heart and seriously improving.

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A young loser, fat, short-sighted, bullied bookworm, who thanks to a twisted and cruel trick of fate finds himself facing, despite himself and spitefully pushed by others, a series of misadventures, challenges, battles, calamities that he manages (thanks to chance, luck, favorable circumstances, the help of generous souls, divine protection, and what not) always smoothly overcome, actually without even realizing where he is, what is going on, before whom he is, what day it is, or whether he is awake or dreaming. Eventually becoming an idol (he unaware), in spite of himself, in the eyes of the whole world, after a carambulistic series of successfully passed courage tests (the credit for which actually lies with others) without actually taking a single real and concrete step toward growth and inner maturation, but mentally dwelling still, as during his childhood, in his sterile imaginary literary world. A dreamlike Don Quixote. A paper mache hero, as we would say in my country. So be it. Period. Lol.


I would have picked “other” but in the spirit of these thought-out answers provided by the original poster, I decided to pick “One Liner Master Before and After the Kill”. A really popular main character that I would classify as neurodivergent is Dr. Gregory House from House.

Fire Emblem is based on the feudal system and has combat, including magic. Many other SRPGs have the similar features (Langrisser, Shining Force, Tactics Ogre, etc.). I think the main character should have good leadership qualities, because that’s what I appreciated when I played these games as a child. As a story-telling platform, it is an opportunity to create a good role-model, despite the dire circumstances (war, magic and world-ending scenarios.).


I would love to see an autistic person be part of a main plot, and seeing how they would overcome their struggles, tbh.
Aside from the fact that that’s how I am irl, I have a soft spot for stories in which people choose to follow/are protective over a person that struggles with expressing themselves/social cues (sometimes the brain-to-mouth filter just doesn’t function, ya feel me?), but love them because they can see that this person cares about them, and would do anything for them (within reason, of course.)


I think that, if i was allowed to vote for multiple traits i would have wanted Maturity to be in the poll, Fire emblem over the years, while not a super serious franchise by any measure even on the earlier entries, has felt more juvenile and simplistic with it’s writing and characterization, it feels to me like a franchise that chose not to age with it’s audience (not that this is a must in any way), So the stories have felt more and more distant to anything me and my aching back can relate to.

An older, more mature protagonist who doesn’t need to be a self insert and is instead their own person from beginning to end would be a breath of fresh air at this point, im not necessarilly asking for the people who have grown to love the silly antics of the modern fire emblem era to lose that, they are valuable too, But i sincerely wish that we can have if just for a while a main character who can help us ground ourselves to the story.


I read everything and I’m glad I did. I agree with you and I also like how you worded it. I think one factor that could ‘help’ with all of this, is to write more characters. Having a larger cast would potentially switch the focus from a small group of young protagonists, to a larger narrative, involving more people. I think if Fire Emblem started there, they might create a ‘better’ balance and standard for modern SRPGs.


I’ll stop you there - I am not exactly sure if “more central characters” is actually going to do the job.

Besides the idea of “These characters can’t die / game over if they do / taken down” that would pretty much constitute a ‘patch-up’ than an actual solution, there’s an issue: Can you really split the plot in a good manner across ten or more characters without narratively disposing of them when their spotlight is over?

Consider Engage’s Royals, whose after their kingdom arc do not really reappear in the main story again, losing plot relevance. Disclaimer, I have not played Engage..

An approach in the vein of 3H’s paralogues seems as a better potential way to flesh out characters more (whilst making them optional in nature), and adding to worldbuilding, instead of going “yeah write more characters”.

It’s Fire Emblem. You’re going to bench half the cast, they have been writing enough characters. You can’t just try to make every FE character the protagonist of the same story without shattering the main plot.

Hell, some SRPGs sacrifice this “amount of characters” that would make Fire Emblem better in your opinion in order to actually built a well-threaded rapport between characters - and because they can manage, they then add plenty NPCs, some of them recurrent because there can be more worldbuilding beyond “inside your party”.

To also draw a note on character characterization/inclusion, consider checking Valkyria Chronicles 3. Trust me.


Actually surprisingly no, Alfred sticks around for longest, being relevant in a lot of the game throughout pretty much the stretch of the whole game but the others do also have moments outside of their join situation.

Overall I agree with this though, the ‘add more characters!’ argument is just a plain uneducated comment about writing, that’s just not how stories work.

What about a lord with either the most Chad energy, just being the most enjoyable to be around or absolutely wholesome and pure? The Chad energy was both serious and a joke.