Magic Types

  • Hacking method: FEBuilder
  • Base Game: Sacred Stones

So I’m very new to this, so forgive me if the format is wrong:

I’m dipping my toes into FEBuilder, and maybe just FE hacking as a whole, and thought of 3 questions:
1. (The least important)- Is there a way to make brand new affinities?
I’ve tried methods listed in other posts, and know how to get the new slots but the name still defaults to Fire or an already existing element.

2 (Edited). Is there a way to make new subtypes of anima magic?
So I guess what I really need is just an explanation on how to add more subcategories to anima, since it turns out they don’t really affect gameplay. It seems like I just need some sort of flavor thing, like- 1 Tome is Fire, and then there’s another one that I just say is Water.

If I’ve done something wrong with the post formatting, or if 2 and 3 are just straight up impossible, just let me know. Thank you very much!
If another hacking method would be required, I would be willing to try, though as more of a last resort.

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Affinities are not actually named anywhere in-game. I don’t think this is a problem.

Adding additional weapon ranks with their own wexp values is basically a non-starter if working with FEBuilder, if that’s what you’re asking with 2. There’s patches such as the Weapon Type Array for setting unique triangle interactions and the like, if that’s what you’re asking about with 3.

While I’m not the most experienced with FEBuilder, I know that it is possible to add more weapon ranks and such, and with custom weapon triangles, making a wonky weapon triangle shouldn’t be impossible.

Call me a dummy, but I don’t know what a “non-starter” is. And just in case I’m misunderstanding: What I’m asking with 2 is how I can make those different types of elements exist in the first place. I assume there’s a patch for that?

As for 3, what I’m asking is if there is a way for a weapon to have multiple elements at once. Say, a spell tome whose attack is both Fire and Thunder at the same time, with all the strengths and weaknesses with it. Ignore the weapon triangles, I’d look later

Oh are there? All I remember is that one patch that said it may break stuff if I download it-

Say, a spell tome whose attack is both Fire and Thunder at the same time, with all the strengths and weaknesses with it.

What does this mean exactly? What makes a fire or a thunder tome different from the described tome? Are you referring to the animation that plays during the casting of the spell? Are you referring to the item icon using both yellow and red/orange colours? What strengths, what weaknesses?

I’m referring to the properties of the damage types. Though it turns out, I’m silly! All anima tomes have the same effectiveness on the triangle, so ignore 3 lol

So I guess what I really need is just an explanation on how to add more subcategories to anima, since it turns out they don’t really affect gameplay.

From what I know, FE8 doesn’t actually have any subtypes for vanilla anima magic, and the different tomes don’t really make any difference aside from obvious upgrades. I.E. Thunder hits the same way as fire, just harder.

It’s for character flavor , got a solution?

I mean, you could always just add like, an anima triangle, but like… big. Not sure how you’d get certain spells to lock to certain characters, but the triangle shouldn’t be too bad, seeing as there’s a patch.

Well, I know Permafrost managed to finagle a thing like this. But I think it’s mostly just giving a bunch of different tomes a character lock using the lock array patch.

If anything I’m personally still mulling a topic about magic and how we could expand the concept of the magic triangle, so look out for that.

I mean, to do that, all you’d really need is to import custom spell animations and tome icons for the new spells you want to add, then set them up as Anima tomes in the item editor. The specific elements of Anima spells are purely aesthetic in GBAFE.

Pretty much if you don’t want everyone with a given rank to be able to use a tome, you can use weapon lock array to restrict it to a set of characters or classes. That’s how I implemented Fire, Thunder, and Wind Mages in Deity Device: Saint’s Blood. For learned spells that aren’t tomes, each instance of a spell is a separate item that is restricted to the character who learns it (ie. there are two separate Spread spells in the game’s item list because both Poseidon and Lacus learn the spell). I used special text characters to identify what rank of each anima subcategory a class could use. I posted the Fire, Thunder, and Wind text characters in the repo thread for others to use a long time ago, but I’m not sure if they were added to the repo.

Saints Blood NT.emulator-7

Let me see if I got the subtypes part.
Well there are some flags that you turn on or off to specify the characteristics of your items, right ?
As same as you have normal swords and katanas like many katti for example, they works only for myrmidons but they are still swords
That’s because they have myrm. Flag
You can do the same for different types of magics or any other weapon
Having two categories in the same weapon type.
In some project I substitute bows by “divine magic” that it’s just Light and Dark magic together as a single weapon type but not all the monsters can use it
Having only the dark beings able to use both, light and darkness

I hope this helped you at least a bit

This seems good! I know it conflicts with SkillSystems, so if I uninstalled that, would it still keep the skills for the characters, or would it not? Trying to wait as long as possible before using the other skill stuff I don’t get yet lmao

No. It doesn’t keep the data

Also, Im not sure I understand what you wanna do, because in vanilla there are no “subtypes” of anima magic.

Anima is just a weapon rank. Just like Swords. The only difference between a fire tome and a thunder tome is that thunder has better stats. Just how a killing edge has better stats than an Iron sword. Anima tomes are anima because they have a little box that marks them as anima, and they deal magic damage because they have a checkmark on the box that says “Attacks res”

Any additional properties a weapon might have is tied to the atributes you give them in the item editor.

If what you want is character flavor, lke you said earlier, you could just make a tome that is a personal weapon.

Recently I played FF series there’s no Weapon Rank but the game only drops really good weapons at the end of the game
You can make something like this

But you can also use the locks of the weapons
Like Lyn Lock, Monster Lock , Weapon Lock 1, Myrm Lock
So you can have for example
But they are sub divided in
Long swords ( monster lock)
Great swords ( Lyn Lock )
Dual swords ( weapon lock 1)
Swords and Shields (myrm lock )

So if a Unit only can use Dual swords it’s because it can use “swords” and it class has only weapon lock 1

Of course you can do this same with any other weapon including magics

WeaponLockArray does not conflict with SkillSystem. The screenshot Permafrost posted is from a hack that uses SkillSystem.

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Ohhhh, Lock Array! Sorry, I struggle to read sometimes. Yes I do play Yugioh

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