Lyn Miurgre

Can someone create an animation of Lyn using the legendary bow Miurgre? Please.

  • Why?

I am working in a ROM hack of Fire Emblem 7 - Blazing Sword centered about Lyn and tactician, but I go replacement the Mani Katti for the Miurgre.

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Sorry, I tried to create my own animations and portraits but it doesn’t achievement, I know how want that it look that but when to try to create look it bad. If you know someone that is willing to do teachme, say me, please, I am on the best disposition of learn.

The only way to get good at it is to keep trying. Look at animations you like and try to emulate what they do. Eventually it’ll start looking good.

Since you’re looking for a Lyn animation, you already have Lyn’s original sprites to work with. For starters, maybe just try changing the bow she already has to make it look fancier? Then you can move on to making a completely unique animation once you’ve got warmed up some.

I try to do but how to open a .bin file to edit and how to save the animation as .bin?

You shouldn’t need to do that. Export it as “battle animation” (doesn’t matter if you pick with or without comment) - that gets you a series of images you can edit. Then you can import them straight back in once you’re finished.

I tried but I don’t that of achievement sounds and animation it plays in the just moment even if I no much experimented.