Lukirioh's non traditional FE Sprites

First battle animation made and tested !!!

Importing custom sprites 2
Importing custom sprites 3
Importing custom sprites 4
Importing custom sprites 1
Then when I finish the other two battle animations planned to ch1 I’m gonna try to insert custom musics from YGO Forbidden memories from Ps1


Monster Hunter Weapon Icons in 16x16 (fire emblem like ) just for fun. But it would be cool to add

Sorry if it have been a while since I don’t post anything about my project but I’m on tests / exams so I don’t have the time enough to concentrate on my project. I made these icons cause they are relatively easy to do and It was like a break making them , now I’m need to go back and study .

I hope you like it

MH Weapon Icons 16x16 x4 by Lukirioh
MH Weapon Icons 16x16 by Lukirioh


Hello guys
Has been a while I know
This project isn’t dead
I’m just enjoying a bit my vacations
I will continue this the next month
Thanks to everyone that are supporting me


I know i said I will start working the next month but i just cat stay more time doing nothing
So If i can’t work on my pc I would work on my phone and that’s what I did
Another enemy has joined to the army
This is Centaurus

I hope you like it


Hello guys I’m Lukirioh, the developer of Wizards and Magic War of dragonS, a fire emblem project about Yu-Gi-Oh. So in this topic I would like to know what monster do you like me to make and why. Please type your favorite monsters from ygo first series and tell me why do you would like to see it in a hack related to this and how it would works.
I already have a list and an outline story to guide myself in this project but there’s always a space for new monsters in side quests or you may want to see some monster that i already planned to add
So that’s it
Feel free to reply whatever you like. Thanks for reading. Greetings

This does not need to be its own topic


Well … Thanks , i thought it should has his own topic apart of this cause this is the main one, the other topic was planning more like interactive or requests and this the content i just decide to post … But why not. They can be fused.
Also I signed my post 'cause yes no additional reasons I didn’t thought it should be rude or something , sorry

Well here’s another sprite i just made rn. It was quite easy cause it’s the fusion of two sprites I already made
This is the common promotion of both
Minotaurus and Centaurus and it’s called
I hope you like it guys :3

Untitled 08hdskkdb


Flame swordsman.
He is a monster from the first generation.
It’s relatively common in anime, and it’s very cool.


I’m working on Queens Knight right now but for sure I’m gonna make later the Flame Swordsman
He’s name its Hono (like flame in japanese ) and it is the leader of a mercenary group that serves to the Black Kingdom’s King " The lord of Red"
Also Hono will have two possible promotions
A magic knight and a sword master, they are based on
Black Flare Knight and
Guilford the Lightning

Thanks for reply with the monster you would like to see. I hope you like it



Here’s another monster
Queen’s Knight
Now it’s time to work on Flame Swordsman cause @Isaac requested me to do it
So if i finish Hono and there’s no other request I will continue with royal knights
As always I hope you like it guys
And thanks for your support
I love you all

Remember if you want me to draw any specific monster you can tell me via feu website or my discord server.

Queens Knight


I think you should make battle animations, generic class cards, and map sprites to then share them on the graphics repository. They could be used as cool new monsters in other projects unrelated to YGO. I understand if you wish to keep your art to yourself, of course.

I know that the battle animation is the hardest part, so it probably makes sense to start with a vanilla animation to be edited into a monster whenever possible.

You may also want to use my Draw Map Animation patch for classes you have no battle animation for. I would understand if you used this and made no battle animations like Pokemblem does, as this is much easier.

Really cool stuff :+1:
Keep up the hard work

Is this because of the palette being changed? The hp bar looks like it’s empty despite being full.

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Vesly i’m very happy to see a reply yours
I don’t want to make FE battle animations cause it consumes a lot of time and I am working alone
Also I am developing two projects and this is one of them, probably the easer. All the sprites and graphics I have made are planned to be in all my projects and one of them is a Pokémon like.
I want to make animations like pokemon first games with unmoved battlers and showing generic battle animations depending of the move.

Generic class cards aren’t planned cause this project has their own story. Not like pokemblem that you catch the monsters and use them to battle, no. Here is a world where monsters and humans lives together and they have their own lives to tell through the story. Warrior class or Spellcaster class isn’t an option cause Black Magician it’s a name for Mahad character and it has his own promotions. You can check this better on my discord server if you are interested.

Map sprites, yes i am making map sprites but not full animated just stand Map sprites for the same reason. They are planned to be part of the other project and they aren’t full animated like FE ones.

Remember that i am not making just a fire emblem hack , I’m making a ygo game like fire emblem using a fire emblem as base. I want to break some stereotypes with this project.

Your map sprite animations are cool BUT the part I most enjoy is making Battle sprites and i obviously want to share them with you so I want battle animations just different.

My stuff it’s made with my own style. Yes it is based on FE sprites but i try to make it looks like Lukirioh stuff at the first sight. They have different ways to make the outline or shapes even the palettes. But yes of course if someone want to use some of my stuff and edit it to implement it on their projects I would be so glad. I said it before, all the sprites I make are F2E, they aren’t F2U cause they aren’t FE usual sprites.



My apologies for everyone on this website
But I am traveling with a lot of deals in my real life that difficult me the process of working on this project
this is something that means a lot of me, but the energy / electricity on my country it’s unstable in all these months and it may keep that until the last month of this year
I am working when I have at least two or one hour but didn’t update this thread cause i didn’t have too much to update and i almost have no internet access cause the same energy / electricity deal
I hope you understand and forgive me for not posting in a while
Lukirioh it’s still here and I will be here for a long time
All the people that it’s waiting for my first beta please be patient
Wizards & Magic it’s still ongoing
My apologies


Hello guys
As I promised I return to work for this project
Finally i could finish the battle animation of Gaia the Dark Knight using lances
I hope you like it
I also need to rework on Minotaurus animation and make Breaker animations too
Every new update no matter how minuscule could seems I will report it to you guys
Thanks for you for supporting me
Without you all I would never work so hard and this is just the beginning
I also hope to bring you the first demo this Christmas
Well here’s Gaia animation


Gaia be like:


Added the critical shining effect to Minotaurus animation and I made a new melee animation for him, leaving the old one just for ranged axes.
I hope you like it guys :3

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we are more steps closer to the first chapter
I bring you here
Breaker’s Swords animations

I decide to add a shield animation on all the missed attacks

So there’s still remaining the Breaker’s magic animations and update the others with the shield miss attack

I hope you like it
Breaker Sword Animations


These look so amazing. You did a great job so far, take your time until you’re happy :pray:
It’s always interesting to see a different approach on a game.

Also your redesign of Holy Elf reminds me of Tiki. Was that intentional?
Out of interest: Are you doing any dragons too (like blue or redeyes - Blue eyes should have an F2U animation in the Repo already)?

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Thanks for the support
It is so much appreciated in these times when I haven’t the needed conditions to work well in my projects cause the energetic problems I’m traveling
Well the redesign of Holy Elf … I assuming you are talking about my sketch in paper , it is something like a promo for her cause I plan to add her in the project but there’s not even one official card that could fit as a promo so I design it and yes she may have some inspiration from Tikki.
About the dragons. I know there’s already a Blue Eyes and a Black Magician on the repo but I try to make the sprites in my own style so yes i take some of them and I edit them.
The protect it’s called War of dragonS so it’s obviously that some iconic dragon monsters should be eventually added included them.

Many thanks again to you and all the people that it’s supporting me … Sometimes I feel some pressure cause I want to make some new stuff but I can’t … I just promise you that i will never leave this project
Thanks again
Love you all