Lukirioh's non traditional FE Sprites

Tittle Screenshot-3

Custom Battle Screen of Wizards and Magics:War of Dragons ( YGO×FE)

ALL my sprites are F2E giving me credits
Also custom screens are F2U

Many thanks to all the community mostly Spriters who has been helping and supporting me since the beginning

Special thanks to
Zaim ( for his palette )
Obsidian and Beansmond (for their Sprites and edits on some of my sprites )
7743 ( for FEBuilder and fix my custom battle screen )
Lexou ( for his fe vanilla sprites compiled back in day )

! Battle Screen Prototype.gba_Battle Screen-4
Battle Screen Prototype.gba_08801C14-3


I like the darker colors compared to vanilla FE8

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Patches Item use in the preparation screen._09001C54
! Palette Editor Prototype.PATCH.20220412152310.gba_085B6BB4

Changed Item Usage and HP windows but still don’t has the effect I would like
If anyone knows how to fix it please tell me


I made this custom sprite
! Patches StatusBackground icon_08B17864
But when I apply the patch it didn’t work
If any of you know how to fix it please let me know it

Also my sprites are all opened to public giving me credits of course v:

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Bruh u gotta activar windows tho :skull:

Many thanks senpai … It isn’t as easy that it seems for me … But thanks …
Gotta take screenshots directly from emulator instead whole screen :person_facepalming:

Black Magician FE Black Magician Girl FE Elf Swordsman FE Holy Elf FE Marshamallon FE Silver Fang FE Kuriboh mania

All the current sprites in one single picture

FE Army


There’s no need for every individual sprite you post to be in separate posts; posting them like that just clutters the forum. I’ve merged all of your Yugioh stills into one post.

Thanks. Then I’m gonna just edit it the next time I made another one.


My pfp in 16×16just for fun


Item Icon sprites
FE magic cylinders FE Dragon Slayer Emblem FE Millennium Shield FE Big Shield Gardna FE Cestes FE Demon Axe FE Magical Death Box FE De Spell FE holy barrier Mirror Force FE Curse of the Hexagram FE Swords of Sealing Light FE Catapult Turtle FE Deep Sealed Sword FE Black Pendant FE Book of Moon FE Book of Sun FE Brain Control FE Harpie Duster Feather FE Secret Arts Book


Black Magicians Girls Dark and Holy Elves Black Magicians

Alternative palettes for enemies

All of them are based on official card artworks
Except the two below BMG that I made for fun


Black Hole Boomerang wChain Cyber Bondage Dimension Magic FE Electro whip whip FE Harpie Duster Feather FE Black Pendant Follow Wind Gunblade Knight Tittle Legendary Sword Lightning Vortex LightningSword Magicians Circle Metalmorph Monster Reborn Pot of Greed Red Medicine Salamander Silver-Fairy Bow Time Wizard Spiral Saber Sword of Dark Destruction Thunderbolt - Raigeki

Some new stuff , some palette changes (re palette)
Gunblade added for fun


The four Hermos weapons Time Magic Hammer RE Black Sword Goddess Bow Rocket Cannon Hermos


Kitsune Mask for fun … Well … For my friend ;3
Dark Mask
Illusion Mask

Map Sprites or Over World sprites of my army at this moment

Holy and Dark Elves added

Army to see-3


New big update
Egyptian people
The first one it’s based on Pharaoh Atem (Yami Yugi) and the second one it’s an OC that I made for this game. It’s like a strategist.
I also drow a sketch of him. I had never made a portrait sprite. I would like to make my first one for him but if someone wants to make the portrait for me I would love it.
Hope you like it
Army to see-7

His name it’s Aknam Kirin


My OC map Spriter with hood
Mana and Mahado in their human form
Army to see-8


I tried to do an intent of Aknam, i think that the face and the hair is a bit right however you need to improve the clothing and the skin so feel free to edit it :slight_smile:
I like a lot your OC, it has personality :slight_smile: