Luck Stat Limit Issues in FEBuilder

I’m working with a heavily modified version of FE8. I installed the “Set the luck limit for each class” patch and changed the limit to 50 for each class. However, this isn’t reflected in the game. I cannot seem to figure out why. There is a link below to the report.z.

What do you mean by “isn’t reflected in the game”? Do you mean the status bar or the stat number/value itself? I tested this by giving the first enemies 50 luck, and it displays correctly, bar 50 showing in green like capped stats are supposed to. Is that what you’re referring to?

Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m fairly certain any non-HP stat cap over 31 needs some type of save-data modification to work properly

I’m unsure what the specifics of this patch are or if it handles save data at all, but @WarPath is correct. If you don’t have modified save data, any non-HP stat over 30 will not be preserved correctly with suspend/resume. Whether save data is the issue or not is unclear. In-game screenshots as well as the description provided for the patch would be immensely helpful.

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Probably SkillSystems conflicts with this patch.
If this patch is applied to Vanilla FE8U, it will work properly.

However, installing SkillSystems resets the Luck limit to 30.

I don’t know how to set luck on a per-class basis in SkillSystems.
There may be some way.

Lord Luck limit = 50
Vanilla + Set the luck limit for each class

SkillSystems + Set the luck limit for each class

From what it looks like, the actual stat cap might be working as intended. It looks as though maybe the “Stat Bar Max Length” patch might be the issue. I had assumed the cap wasn’t working, but as @Zarg pointed out the enemies can have 50 luck. It seems the patch doesn’t update the rom to reflect the new luck cap. I am not sure.

Although the 50 is not appearing green as it should be either, which would be strange if it were working as intended.

The “Stat Bar Max Length” patch does work but a much older verison of febuilder have to be used to extend it.