[LT] Project Lose (Working Title) Five Chapters: Chapter 1 Demo Available

The Premise:

There’s an ‘evil’ empire invading a ‘good’ kingdom (yeah, that trope); but you’re in no position to worry about that large scale, epic adventure… You’re playing as a bunch of villagers in the first town invaded who try (and ultimately fail) to hold their own against the empire’s army. It’s a tragedy with two endings: a bad ending and a worse ending.


  • 5 Chapters
  • 14 Playable units (including an Arran/Samson split)
  • Small numbers and overhauled equations
  • Skill minimalism:
    • No skills on enemy generics
    • 1-2 personal skills per playable unit
    • Currently undecided on boss skills
  • A story (to be) written by Xilirite
  • A soundtrack composed by yours truly
  • *Art made by other cool people!

*We need art people! Mostly for mugs and skill icons. Other art would be neat but those are much more important. If you want to join the team hop over to the discord and hit me up!

Map Theme 1: Looming Tempest (by me :^D)

Screenshots (mugs are placeholders):

Small stats:

‘Bad’ skills for ‘bad’ units:

Every playable unit has a Prf that can be acquired from visits (some obvious, some not so)

What’s Done:

First chapter is playable! All of the eventing is done for the other 5 chapters (fine tuning aside). The plot overview is sent off to the script writer. A boatload of front-loaded, under the hood work.

What We’re Looking For:

Art people and playtesters who are comfortable with LT’s engine. Join the server!

.Exe Demo Download:

Chapter 1 Demo


Discord Server



MP3 Downloads

Will update the OP as I go…


I never thought I’d see the day where someone actually used one of my portraits pogggggg

I hope this turns out well for you!


get good lmao

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Is this loss?



Hey all, progress is going great!

  • The current patch in the discord is playable up to (and including) chapter 4!
  • The OST is 3 tracks away from being complete

What’s Left To Do:

  • Our script writer is still busy with other work so the text mostly consists of filler
  • I’ve got 3 tracks left to compose for the OST
  • Art (…a lot)
  • Misc. Stuff (inserting spell/map anims n whatnot)

We’re always looking for art people! There’s a lot of portraits and skill icons left to be done; as well as other stuff like battle frames, stat screen, menus.

Feel free to join the discord if you wanna jump in on the playtesting or contribute art!

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Not sure why, but I’m unable to join the discord.

Not sure why that is. Discord is telling me the invite is valid and other people have joined since. I’ll DM one.

Hey all, soundtrack is done (I suppose):

OST on Soundcloud:

MP3s on Dropbox: