Lost Hacks?

I enjoy documenting fire emblem rom hacks. I have been around since around 2010, and was wondering if there are any major hacks that were lost at some point in time? Hacks with a lot of custom content and a large amount of chapters. Speaking for myself, I have patches for hacks like midnight sun and project z that are no longer around. Anyone know of any?


Pandan found foal.ups (stands for father of a legend, iirc) on a dying forum site, just weeks before it went down.


There was this thread a while ago which you may wanna check out. I uploaded some old stuff i found on my harddrive there aswell.
Also, i recall there being this old FE6 rebalance hack. Don’t remember all that much about it but it had some weird stuff like Playable damas, brave slim weapons, and i think King Dieck. If you happen to have something like that, lemme know, been looking for it for a while.