Looking to find a group of modders and FE ROM hack vets to make a new IP

Hello there looking to start a discussion here!

I am a new business owner that has started up an entertainment company that is interested in making our first video game!

Our first one that we were looking to make is a 32-bit fire emblem clone!

Some mechanics changing of course and being added and or removed but overall looking to create an experience that will bring up that nostalgia of the tactical game that you all hear have come to love and enjoy!

I’m posting this from my phone right now but I’m willing to upload images of some of the concept art that we have from our graphics designer as well as to open up a discussion for who might want to join our project!

I’ll be posting more information in the coming weeks as we start consolidating more ideas but if this is interesting to anyone please do leave comments and please do advise if you are interested!

Peace to you,

Edit: found out how to add images!


Sounds interesting. Good luck!

Just out of curiousity, what exactly do you mean when you say 32-bit? Like running on 32-bit instructions, or more artstyle-related?

are guns and or dinosaurs involved in this project


32 bit art

Yes and sorta?

I have a few questions that might be helpful to you and a few pieces of advice.

  1. What is the appeal of Fire Emblem, specifically, that your project seeks to clone, vs other games in the SRPG or TRPG genre?

  2. What sets your project apart from Fire Emblem? What unique features will it bring to the table?

  3. Do you have project management experience? Do you have experience in a field relevant to game design? If not, what roles are you planning to hire to cover your team’s gaps?

  4. Will you be using an existing engine or creating your own? What language will you be using?

  5. Is this a paid opportunity?

  • If so, what is your planned source of funding and budget estimate?
  • If not, what is the incentive to contribute to the project?

And advice:

  1. I would suggest working on an “elevator pitch” for your project (if you haven’t heard this term before, it’s a brief 5-minute explanation of what the project is and why it’s cool, that you could concisely tell a stranger in an elevator in response to “so what do you do?”). Questions 1 and 2 are a good jumping off point for constructing one. You want to be selling your project to the people who would be investing their time and skills into it.

  2. These are some decent headshots, but when I hear “concept art” I generally expect to see a full-body rendering of a character with outfit details, and ideally from different angles, to give game artists a reference that can be translated into a usable asset. A few flat-colors headshots with no body rendering and no costume design tells me nothing about how a character might exist in their world, what sort of personality they have, how they might move, what culture they come from, etc. I would advise posting more relevant examples of concept art and/or general finished pieces the artist has done to get people interested in the characters and artstyle.

I’d need to see more than what you’ve posted thus far to give more specific comments and consideration, and my knowledge is definitely not the end-all be-all, but I hope you find this helpful and wish you best of luck.


Thank you give me some time to go over these questions!

1: Fire Emblem is the golden standard for SRPG’s in my mind, to copy it completely without bringing in the directional facing flavour of FF Tactics would be one area that we’d be looking to make this unique, height has been considered but dropped in favour of the tile system in FE.

2: Character customization and giving you access to all 5 of your hero’s initially.
there will be opportunities to pick up regular people and bring them up as well but they will be fewer in between and be a timesink to level and bring to the hero’s levels.

3:I have a solid grasp of project management and have built my company around effective communication. If you wish to see what we are currently diving into with eSports please go to our website at https://brodyn.co/ which is the current branch of the company I run as CIO.

Engine is a question we are wondering ourselves right now, we are looking to get suggestions from around the community in what would be recommended, we do have someone among us that is familiar with unity but we are still unsure of this answer yet unfortunately.

Yes it would be!
We are looking at taking our traction and financials we have gained from eSports and creating a new IP that reflects one of our favourite games in a way we can make it our own!
Budget is unknown at the time, but this would be our first project and we’d love to go into the FE modding community and see who would like to jump into this endeavor with us because we get that balancing can be a bitch, lol


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