Looking to commission someone for a new battle HUD

I’d like to commission an artist with experience in making a battle HUDs that are insertable in FE8. I like the Sacred War HUD I have currently (thank you Seal) but I’d like to have a new one created to make the project look more unique.
Pay is being offered. Name whatever price works best for you.

You can also reach out to me on Discord at serif#8044.

any kind of preferences regarding the visuals? for example, do you require a more medieval~fantasy theme, or eventually a whole different setup such as a futuristic one?
also, by battle HUD you mean stuff like this?

if so, i can eventually come up with some stuff. otherwise, feel free to give more details on the matter.

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I’d like the hud to look clean and modern-like with a bit of a medieval spin as well as a general darker color than FE8’s defaults.

alright…any other preferences? asking 'cause:

windows remodeling can be done too, eventually.
if you have any other minor details that you might want to include, feel free to tell.
i’ll be putting something together meanwhile~

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keep in mind that what follows is just a demo that i’ve put together after browsing some stuff around the internet.
it’s nothing “set in stone”, as the visuals can still be replaced or improved.
this is just to show what can be actually customized and at what level, although there’s probably default measures and settings that will have to stay the same to avoid glitches.
i decided not to put too many details in there because i wasn’t sure if you wanted a simple HUD or a complex one, so i tried to change just a couple of things.
anyway, here’s the prototype:

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That’s pretty good. I like the simplistic design, though I’m not a fan of the eagle for the item box.

By the way, what’s your pricing for the status screen?

…the first one it’s on the house. as long as you give credit, we’re square.

i’ll try to come up with some other build for the UI then. i will keep it simple, but i guess i can throw something into the windows just to not leave them entirely empty( unless you want to, your choice ), as long as it’s not “heavy” stuff like that eagle up there.

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It’s yours, my friend. As long as you have enough rupees.


alright, here’s the thing:

to resume a bit:
» i tried to keep the HUD as simple as possible, while also changing the internal area of each window;
» changed some minor details such as the arrows form, and the letters/numbers color to fit the new windows backgrounds;
» made the main HP bars darker so they pop up a bit more;
» added a couple of crystal decorations to the character’s name window as well, because why not.

guess that should be enough for now. feel free to give feedback, if needed.

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I sorta liked the one before but this is pretty good! What I’d do is change the item box to a flat dark brown/blue color and add lines for the hit/dmg/crit just like the FE8 box

…like this?


Excellent. Thank you so much. If you’d like I can handle the palettes and inserting it ingame.

you’re welcome.
feel free to do anything you want with it, it was built for you after all :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: