Looking to commission someone for a custom battle animation

Hey, working on my FE8 romhack The Four Kings and I need a custom battle animation for the hack’s final boss, so I’d like to commission somebody to make it. The class is basically like a bigger beefier sniper who’s gone berserk. Something that sorta looks like this?.

I’ll start rates at 100 USD, and negotiate from there. Please reply to the thread or PM me if you’re willing to take me up on this offer. Thanks!


Just a suggestion, but how would you feel about something based on the Warrior’s bow animation? I could see it fit your vision.

That could work, though I’m sorta looking for something specific for this guy. He’s supposed to be this big beefy archer who’s gone berserk, so I envision his animations being sloppier/less refined than vanilla bow warrior animations. But yeah, it might work as a base.