Looking for Tools for FE5 and FE9 Hacking

I wasn’t sure where the best place to put this was, but thought I’d post it here in Questions:

I’m looking for tools to make basic edits to both Thracia and Path of Radiance, or some guidance on how I would go about the changes I want to make. To explain details for additional clarity:

For Thracia I’d like to make mostly basic map edits, primarily removing Fog of War from certain maps. I also would like to be able to make basic character edits, but the map edits are more important to me.

For PoR, I’d like to make basic unit changes, with the most complicated one I intend to make would be to make a unit like Volke have the Swordmaster Crit Boost, and possibly change starting weapons, such as swapping Titania’s Lance rank for Sword Rank.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to anyone willing to help, and I hope to hear some good news, but if the tools simply don’t exist, that’s a shame but I can live with it.

Welcome to FEU!

For Fe9 you’ll wanna go here: [FE9] Character Editor and Randomizer [v1.3.2]

As for Thracia I don’t think there’s a readily available map editor, but a quick search gave me this: [FE5] General Doc, Nightmare Modules

Generally this forum revolves around romhacks for FE8, so the further you drift from the Gba games the harder it will be to find resources.

(As an aside, I’m fairly certain all the tools are in place that you could recreate the entirety of FE5 in the FE8 engine. Not sure if you would want to do that, but it is definitely in reach.)

Make sure you give the search function a try when you have questions, this site has copious amounts of documentation on many FE games.
Enjoy your stay!

Hello there!
There are 2 ways to make maps in FE5:

  • either with a java programm to modify the existing maps in the rom itself, similar to FEBuilder
  • or use Tiled to create a map and then insert them via build files

FoW removal and chatacter edits are also easy to do.
Most of the FE5 hacking happens on the Hacking Hel discord server (FE5 Hacking Hel) so if you want to mess around with FE5, we can help you out there.


Thanks a ton for the help!

Thanks for the guidance, I’ll poke around and ask for any help I can get!