Looking for people to help make and/or teach how to create OST for a GBA FE

Myself and a bunch of others are currently in the works of a schematic for an FE Romhack using all original characters. We can understand coding and FEBuilder. The problem? None of us understand sheet music in the slightest, or the best way to create music with programs such as Anvil.

I can’t really talk about the hack itself here as we do want to keep it under wraps until we feel it’s in a presentable state, that way we can (hopefully) be at next year’s FEE3. If interested be sure to message me @superjobe7 on either Twitter or Discord. We would appreciate any help that we could get!

People usually need screenshots or something far more concrete before signing on go make a full ost. You’ll have a far better chance at getting people onboard if you do that. I understand wanting to keep stuff under wraps but not even having one screenshot is a surefire way to make people extremely skeptical since this forum gets these kinds of requests often.


Are you looking for completely original music, help with porting music into FEGBA, or something else?

There’s quite a lot on here, whether it’s the process of turning MIDI into something importable, or already-useable music on FEU if you’re looking for that.