Looking for king louis Animation (FE The Last Promise)

Hi, i’m new to this site and i was wondering whether anyone has king louis from fire emblem last promise.i tried to find the battle animation with FEeditor adv but it was not working.

Basically, you would have to ask Blazer, but he’s retired and just keeps to himself. In addition, stealing animations from other romhacks is frowned upon. Don’t steal stuff. People don’t like their hard work plagiarised. There’s plenty of free animations in the animation thread (a quick search will get you there), so why not use one of those? Just don’t forget to give credit. That is also important.


Well,thanks for the quick reply.First of all, i’m new to hacking and patching stuffs.My intentions is not to plagiarised the animations in FE The Last Promise nor to steal credits for them.I just wanted to know whether i can replay The Last Promise with enemy units.I mean usually use codebreakers and gameshark codes to replay most Fire emblem games using different units (enemies, allies,unplayable units, etc). Anyway i’ll check the other free animations.

Generally speaking, unless it’s a final boss with many elements (Like the Fire Dragon and the Demon King), they should all function fine ingame as player units.
I believe Louie’s prf weapon uses Idun’s dark breath animation, which is always flipped as if an enemy used it.
Generally speaking, if you wanted to use it for personal reasons, with yours just being to play the game with boss units, I’d say go ahead, as long as you have no plans to release it to the public.

If you want to make a new project, always, always, always ask for permission!

Try febuildergba - images editor - battle animation.

That doesn’t fix the problem of it not being free to use.

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Although, I will say that all the vanilla animations aren’t free to use either. (But in this case, we do have honor among thieves)

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