Looking for anyone to make another portrait

I’m looking for anyone that can make me a portrait right now. Now which portrait im i referring to? Well it one of the bosses from Thracia 776 named Paulus. Now i don’t mean to draw him. I just need his portrait from Thracia 776 transfer over to a gba portrait. You can put mouth frames if you want. Again just need his portrait transfer to gba. Here Paulus right here.
This is for a pme project in case you were Wonderin.

EDIT (6/17/22) A month ago i request a portrait of Paulus to be made. Well now im back for another portrait to be made by someone. This time it a non Fire Emblem character. It this evil looking cat guy from some book. I don’t know he look funny enough to put in a potential future pme project. Here pictures of this cat and what he look like. If it can be possible to make a portrait of this guy?

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Hello, I’m really sorry, someone better versed than I could help you, I tried to transfer the portrait into GBA mug simply but the dimensions don’t fit and the colours are too dark… However, even though, you didn’t request it, I made for you a brand new portrait of Paulus, a random boss from Thracia 776 into a GBA mug. I hope you’ll still accept it, even if it isn’t what you asked.
Obviously, it is free to use and free to edit, normally you can use it right away functionally in FEBuilder even though I haven’t tried it out myself yet. I hope you will like it. The second one is with the 16 colours I used if you ever want to make adjustments. I only used the sprite you provided as a reference and tried my best to make it as close as I could, with little to no artistic liberty.

PaulusPaulus C

If you are curious about what I used to make it, I used parts of Duessel, Pent, Geitz, Darin and Marcus (which I used as a base) for the hair, Marcus was also used for the upper half of his face, alternating between his younger and older version, Glass/Igor, a random fe7 boss for the mouth and lower face. I then used Beran for the scarf underneath, Caellach for the collar and lastly Orson for the armour and bigger scarf.

Please, feel free to ask me anything if you have any questions, whether it be there or on Discord. Have a nice day. :slight_smile:


Thank you i take it.

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I’m really sorry, it seems I forgot a pixel while making the minimug, here’s the new version, sorry.
Paulus C
I’ve read the post about the PME, from what I understood, you want this character to be a Lloyd replacement, I’m unsure if you want them to remain a swordmaster like Lloyd or make them a general like their Thracia counterpart. Anyway, I have made different palettes for both classes, depending on which part of his clothes you want to be the main colour. Please, chose whichever you prefer the most. The swordmaster should be compatible with Lloyd’s unique animations even if it isn’t what is displayed below.
Once again, sorry for the mistake, I wish you to have a nice day once again.

EDIT: I noticed something else that I just modified now, I also updated the portraits on my previous response accordingly.


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