Looking for a Tileset

Hi, I’m new here. I’m currently working on a GBA Fire Emblem Hack, it’s still in early development so I want talk much about it, but I need a Tileset and his palette for a map with some big houses, a fort and some cliffs. If someone can give me some I’ll be glad (you will get credited of course)

I’m a little confused; what exactly are you looking for, because all of that exists in the default fields tileset

I’m very dumb, what I need is a Tileset with the Cliffs of the field tileset, the big Houses from the Village Tileset and something to make a small fortress. A mix beetween different pre-existing tilesets in a certain way…

oh okay
so like the fort tileset with houses and cliffs
pretty sure I already made that at some point but someone else would have to make it gba insertable

found it

make sure to credit @Feaw as well, he made some of the tiles and he and I both worked on the church

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Thanks a lot! What kind of palette do I need to use to put it in FE8?

You don’t need a particular palette. It can be inserted as is. Although it would be more FE8 style if you increase the saturation and darkness a bit (while preserving the palette order, graphicsgale or usenti can be good for stuff like this)