Looking for a Romhack of FE6 i played almost 10 years ago

I remember playing a simple reskin Romhack of FE6 when i was younger, probably made with Nightmare. I think I played it around 2013 but there’s a good chance it was older than that.

Some of the things i remember about the Romhack was giving Slim weapons the brave effect and making Damas, the chapter 1 boss, playable. I think i got it from Serenes Forest but I’m not entirely sure on that one. There was a playthrough of it with like 60 parts on YouTube, as far as i remember without commentary. As simple or unbalances as it may have been i had some good fun with it back in the day, but when i tried looking for it a few years later the download link was gone, and my laptop, which had the file on it, had broken down shortly before.

If anyone by any chance knows what I’m talking about and can give me the name of the Romhack, or even an UPS patch for it I’d be very thankful