Looking for a possibly retired user to make GBA Archanea portraits using a DS tracing technique

So I saw this mug from mugging blitz 1
It’s just some basic tracing over of the existent Shadow Dragon portrait of Midia, but I think the style really works well. It’s by a user known as @vilk, and I’d like to approach them to maybe have a collaboration as I’m making a game set in Archanea and need portraits of existing character. Trouble is their profile is set to private and they haven’t posted in their art threads for a few years so I have no idea if they’re still around. So, vilk, if you are, well, then, hi, I like your Midia and would like to work with you if you’re open to it. And if you’re someone else who thinks they could pull off the same tracing technique or just feel like making a bunch of Archanea mugs wholesale, well, then, that’d be really cool too.

Have you checked if they make all the sprites in the repo? If they did then you can just use them. If not, well idk good luck on your search and make sure you aren’t essentially harassing them in the process. (Maybe check their profile for potential notes or goodbyes to the community)

Edit: The profile is hidden. Maybe it’s best if we don’t bother them.

I’m not dead yet.

However i’m also not good at mugs and even getting that one to look as, uh, “good” as it does took a lot of time. I’m afraid i don’t have it in me at the moment. I’m happy to see someone get some use out of Midia though.


Oh Midia is in the repo, so I know it’s free to use, but I don’t actually have any intention to use Midia in my game XD It was more just the style I thought was very good and was hoping could be replicated with some other characters. A tentative list of characters I need mugs for from the DS games would be as follows.
*Kris (male and female)
*Possibly Wendell, or another Starlight user
*Ruben (a boss from Archanea Saga)
*Brzak (also a boss from Archanea Saga)

A lot of those characters are on the repo, but made by all different people in a variety of styles, which I think would look a bit conflicting being in the same game, and I’d still need to get some original artwork as not all of them are featured. I’m a little surprised, there isn’t a full array of Archanean mugs from the same project already. It seems many people enjoy making 1 or 2 Archaneans mugs just for the sake of it and not for anything specific, but no one has endeavored to do the full cast (of course when I remember New Mystery has like 70 playable characters, that suddenly makes a lot more sense).

EDIT: I see there is a cancelled FE1 remake with extensive portraits, but the mugs are all halfbodies I can’t use unless I convert all my existing mugs to half bodies.