Looking at an iron sword crashes the game

I’ve been making a romhack of FE7. I must have done something wrong, because I somehow made it so that using R to look at the details of an iron sword makes the game crash. Additionally, they’re unusable by enemies, but still usable by player units.

I’m getting around this by copying the stats of iron swords onto slim swords, which I don’t intend to use for the hack, so it’s not really a problem. Still, does anyone know why this could be happening?

(To be clear, this is ONLY happening with iron swords. Not any other sword, or any other weapon or item. Just iron swords.)

Did you insert text that doesn’t fit the Iron Sword’s description?
I remember a while back the Dragon Axe and Wind Sword caused similar issues for me.

Nope. There wasn’t ANY text in its description. It just had stats.
FEBuilderGBA wasn’t giving me any errors, either. Only the emulator when I tried to look at the Iron Swords’ details.

I had an issue where a new Axe I made was using Latona everytime the enemy attacked with it and that crashed the game. The reason being was the Axe item I made was in place of the Latona slot so the game still coded it that way. So that could be the case unless you didn’t move Iron Sword from the OG spot.

Also check to make sure it has a proper spell animation, and yes physical weapons have those too. Any patch you added recently might mess with that item slot too.

You could try copying a steel sword into that item slot and see if it works that way. Or copy the iron sword to another slot to see if the data is messed up with the item itself.

I copied a slim sword (which is normally fine) into that spot, and had the same problem. Then I copied the iron sword into the slim sword’s spot, and it still had the issue. So I think the item slot and the data itself are BOTH messed up.

I ultimately renamed the Slim Sword and gave it the stats of an Iron Sword to solve the problem. Sure, I’m now without any Slim Swords, but… whatever.

Ehh, nobody likes Slim weapons anyways.

Send a report7z here if you are looking for help still:

How to make a report7z:


It’s probably crashing because certain weapons slots are hardcoded, you would have to change their other properties in other menus such as the item use menu, magic animations, etc that are attached to that specific item id. When you copy and paste you are only editing what’s in that particular table.

Might be better to think of it as how the game sees data and how we see data.

if you set the item description to the text that’s supposed to be blank space or you have an extremely long description that may be what’s causing the crash. if it’s unusable by enemies make sure the enemy units have the right weapon level and if the weapon has no assigned level then maybe fix that. maybe check the text the description of the sword is assigned to, you may have accidentally wrote over it with something else like dialogue.

He hasn’t sent report7z yet. :frowning:
I would be happy if could send report7z from the beginning without having to tell us every time, but it seems to be difficult.

hello pengie9290.
In order to solve the problem, report7z is needed.
This is because without the data, we cannot reproduce the problem.

If you can solve it by yourself, I recommended to use the diff debug tool (MENU->Tools->diff debug tool) and compare it with the past version.
Watch the video below to learn how to use the diff debug tool.

I think vesly was also making a video.

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I’ve made a 7z report, but I don’t know how/where to submit it.

Please read FAQ Q5 and Q6 carefully.