Loading a different map for scenes?

This might be obvious but I can’t seem to figure out how to do it anywhere.

Is there an event code for loading a different map for cut scene purposes?

Thanks in advanced

From Event Assembler Language.txt (which comes bundled with EA)

 Load map
   LOMA ChapterID [Position X, Position Y] 
   LOMA ChapterID [Position X, Position Y] 
   LOMA ChapterID

Thanks! I always forget about the .txt files that come with with stuff, my bad,

ChapterID is the ID of the chapter that uses that map or is it the actual map offset?
Also what’s Position X and Y?

ChapterID is the ID of the Chapter who’s map you want to load.

Position X/Y is where the camera starts off on the map that you load.

Excellent thank you! If i was using a map that isnt tied to any particular chapter im going to have to create a dummy chapter that never gets called in game correct?

The chapter just needs an entry in the Chapter Data Editor. No need for dummy events or anything like that.

That’s what I assumed it just needs be listed with a map linked to it.

Thanks guys, I really appreciate it and I hope I’m not causing to much unecessary fuss or anything