Literally vanilla FE6 except you play both the Ilia and Sacae Routes in one run

This is a hack of FE6 I made because I was bored and hated how I always had to skip the Ilia route because I headcanon Lyn as Roy’s mom and insist he liberate his mom’s homeland. Literally the ONLY THINGS this hack changes is making Roy’s party go to Ilia after Chapter 16/16x, and after finishing the Ilia arc, you go to Sacae and clear it before finishing the game like normal. No script changes or unit balancing changes have been made, so if you feel overleved, I’m sorry but balancing around this is out of the scope of this “project”. Thanks to Contro and Darrman for helping me refresh myself on basic eventing, otherwise this would’ve taken WAY longer because I am of a suspect mind.

No screenshots are included because for all intents and purposes, this is just vanilla FE6 but with like 4 events changed to remove the second route split(Western Isles split still exists because I actually kinda like that one) and making it so Yodel doesn’t give you a Regalia. Have fun, because if you’re like me and wanted this, now you don’t have to do it yourself.

Patch to a vanilla Japanese Rom(I cannot help you find one)