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hello, i am new to mod making and i have been mostly using FEbuilder to create my own FE game. however, i have hit a pretty annoying problem and i can’t seems to find information anywhere about it.

it concern the maps from “scorched sand” all the way to the last chapter. as both ephraim and erika’s routes are somewhat linked…so i can’t change one without changing the other the same way, ending up with 8 whole maps that are linked together.

for instance, i am planning to make several different maps but 0F Ch15 “scorched sand” and
1C Ch15 “scorched sand” are linked and bound to look the same no matter what i do. i tried to change the map name of the chapter and its chapter number and i tried to change a lot of other things but nothing seems to be working. what to do to unlink those 8 maps?

on the same idea, i have the same problem with tileset. for instance, all the tileset called “fields” are linked together, so if i change fields6 into an ice cave because i don’t use said “fields6” all the other fields become caves. i have been stuck on this for weeks, trying to find tutorials to change this but with no luck. can someone help me?

If you go to chapter editor, you can find this

They use the same map because their map pointer value is the same.

This is what happen if you change the value to another map

And then you can go to map editor to change the tileset to fix the map and you’re good to go!

For your tileset problem:

Don’t forget to make a back up just in case!


oh! :grinning: amazing, i would have had searched for years. its so well hiden.

thank a lot for explaining this to me