Link Arena Teams

The GBA Link Arena is awesome. You can show off your save file overgods and make them fight. Below, show off your Link Arena teams and if you think it could beat the team of the person above you. Even if it’s from a different game. Heck, we could probably hack them in and run the simulations.


I think it had potential,
of course the problem with it is the balancing.

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balancing? this is fire emblem. there is no such thing.

Well yes but at least it is possible, and I do await the day when I see a hack that’s well balanced and can use the link arena, I believe that would be really something to see. Maybe then teams could battle each other and the outcome wouldn’t be as…predictable as it basically is now.

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Romhack and/or Randomized run is OK?

probably not for the sake of comparing with others but for the sake of the conversation yeah sure go ahead

I don’t have any link arena teams but my Fates wifi battle team could kick your Link Arena team’s butt.