LGBT+ Characters In Rom Hacks?

Hey, so I have been loving getting into Fire Emblem rom hacks, I’ve played a ton of them now in the several weeks since I found Fire Emblem Universe. I am really loving the spins on gameplay and cool stories everyone is telling. Me, and a bunch of my nerdy friends are queer and I was wondering if there are any rom hacks with stand out queer characters? Like I would love to know about even minor characters but I am particular interested in like unavoidable ones (Lords, Auto Recruits, important enemy recruits). I want some rom hacks to recommend to my friends to get them into the rom hack scene and I know that is the best way to hook them into trying a game out.


The first thing that comes to mind is biraku emblem, whose main character(vyland) is gay for Hardin
Honestly, I haven’t seen much, and it sucks a little


Lily Emblem
The game is not publicly available, but there is a video.


The showcase for Embers Entwined had a monk who goes by they/them but it’s not really enough to recommend the whole hack (which i haven’t played) just based on that.


Souls of the Forest has a good chunk of LGBT+ characters. It is not the focus of the story, but some events and a lot of paired endings have LGBT+ content.


This is really neat, hope to see an English version eventually exist. Sounds totally like my shit.

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Vision Quest has a gay support and a lesbian support; Lengths of Time confirmed the gay one canon. All four of the involved units are auto recruits, and all four are explicitly homosexual.

Code of the Black Knights has one explicitly wlw pair.

Hope’s Trail has multiple nonbinary units if pronouns in bios and epilogues are reliable sources, but units only get introductory lines and battle/death quotes.

Genesis by Melledoneus has a nonbinary Jagen.

Hiraeth Legacies isn’t done yet, but from the incomplete build currently available, there’s a lesbian character and at least one other wlw character.

Sacred Echoes added a sapphic unit and adjusted a certain character to be explicitly mlm.

Newer hacks are probably going to have more representation, although as per usual, most people avoid adding much romance to their works.

Edit: Deity Device’s main coupling is mlm, and it’s very well developed.


This is super helpful! Thank you so much!! Everyone here rocks, I am so glad I decided to hop in and join this community.

Nice seeing a ton of the games that naturally caught my eye have some representation in them. I actually already have a few of these downloaded just cuz they looked really good mechanically and the story sounded fun.

Ya I am shocked by the lack of wanting to focus in on the romance given that is like the core appeal for many modern FE fans but also like most hacks are more focused on emulating like the more classic formula. I am cooking up a rom hack [atm just like like a super early writing stage] to make a more romance focused FE hack.


i think the four kings counts


Amaran is Non Binary, yes.
We also have two gay units, two lesbian units, and I think thats it.


Call of the Armor has a non-binary Wyvern Lord.

Bells of Byelen also has an NB thief and an NB armor knight.

Ig it technically counts as shilling but J&P Book 2 Remake will have LGBT characters as well. (Self-discovery will be a key part of Ella’s arc, an NB tactician and transfem wyvern are planned as well, among others)


Dragon Herald has one wlw paired ending (I think confirmed as canon in the sequel, Isekai Emblem).

As Yasako noted, Deity Device has a canon mlm couple, and also a couple more mlm characters, I think covered in supports.

In terms of WIP projects I can think of, Lady of Masks has two male recruitables who are married, Of Sands and Sabres has at least one nonbinary recruit.

Call of the Armor also has a couple wlw characters (although limited to solo ending/past relationships), and Bells of Byelen also has a female recruit with an NPC wife.

At risk of being gauche for shilling stuff I’ve worked on, my personal project, Storge, has a bisexual male protag, but romance isn’t really a focus with the hack.


Love the fruity little convo in the village… Becker was a real one for being a beautiful bisexual withering old man


On the terms of shilling my own hack, Searching for Light has:
My Lance prepromote Lord is asexual and has an adopted daughter(another lord) who is Sapphic in some way I haven’t decided yet.
I have a funny genderfluid thief who promotes to assassin; your rogue promo thief has two mothers. One of your soldiers is non binary.
Basically I have a lot of planned stuff that isn’t really in the current public release.


Ohh what’s Ig?

Bells of Byelen is great, I’ve dived a few chapters in and really love it.


What’s ig

I guess

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I am super close to finishing my second run of Storge, I really love it. The visit scene was the cutest thing, I loved it. I was showing off the hack to some friends yesterday actually and one of my girlfriends downloaded it and plans on having it be her first rom hack.

Obligatory shill post - FE0/UJP had a few mlm & wlw planned supports for some characters as well as a few explicitly gay characters and a trans ftm Spartan prepromote.

I’m working on a side project with a trans character as one of the main lords, though I’m still really early in development so I don’t have much to show for it yet.


The trans guy spartan prepromote sounds sick AF, I love it.


Downloaded SfL :smiley: Totally on my to play list now.