LF GBA sprite artist

Hello, FEU! I’m interested in commissioning custom GBA style battle sprites and portraits. Please contact me here or in DMs if you’re accepting offers!

Edit: Primary commission would be an armored and shielded sword lord. If price and quality are agreeable there are other characters I may also want to commission.

For clarity, when I say “battle sprite” I mean the one that appears in combat animation. As an example:

I would suggest being more clear on what you’re looking for, rather than casting a wide net.

There’s this thread


Not sure what exactly needs specifying. There may be terminology I’m unaware of, but when I say battle sprite I mean the figure that appears during a combat animation. I would provide an image as an example but as a new member I lack that permission, it seems.

As in what you’re looking for.
“Knight in full armor”
“Princess wielding a sword”
“Man with a snake’s head”

That way people know beforehand what you want.

I saw that but given the last post was several months ago I wasn’t sure it was still current. Sorry if this thread is redundant.

Ah, right then. Well depending on price I might commission several so I didn’t want to put up a wall of text for maybes. The primary comm would be an armored lord similar to Hector from Blazing Blade, but customized as I said in the OP. Since I can’t seem to post pictures here I would hopefully be able send reference pics in DMs.

Should be able to now

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Hi! Not great at spriting but would love to do this for free! Feel free to DM me, I’m trying to practice my spriting skills.

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