[Lex Talionis] Fire Emblem: Judgement of the Prince


Hello hello, FEU! I’d like to introduce a passion project that’s been in the works for around a year, and I’m excited to share it with you guys. It’s a Fire Emblem fangame being built in the Lex Talionis engine, created by rainlash.

Welcome to Fire Emblem: Judgement of the Prince!


Lumine. A land that has long been blessed with prosperity and peace, a beacon to the world displaying the value of coexistence and harmony. The three kingdoms situated on this continent, Mercia, Seine, and Rostov, are the paragons of international diplomatic relations; for hundreds of years, the continent has lived in relative amity due to these three nations’ devotion to preserving the enduring tranquility.

The longstanding peace between these three countries finally shattered when, in a moment of fanatical desperation, the Mercian queen pinned the disappearance of Mercian king and the baby princess on the neighboring nation of Rostov, and began a brutal and meaningless war as a form of revenge. Though Mercia triumphed over Rostov, the ripples of international and domestic unrest were not missed by any citizen, noble or commoner. Yet the Mercians pressed onward, desperately wishing for the long-lost diplomatic ties of the past.

On one dark summer’s night, the entire country of Mercia was turned on its head with the assassination of Crown Prince Godric. Soldiers, nobles and commoners alike all turned on one another over this political discourse. However bloody that night was, the truth was undeniable. Mercia’s monarchy had fallen, and the Queen’s head was on a pike. All the while, a young dancer named Evelyn had no idea what sort of role she’d end up playing in this ideological battle. Through a chance encounter with a mysterious thief named Roderick, and the reclusive escaped Prince Godfrey, she’d find her destiny through this conflict. Though they all had one true objective for now, simply survive.


  • Around 25 planned chapters in the final product
  • A mixture of familiar and original skills through Lex Talionis
  • Mechanics lifted straight from older FE entries (specifically Thracia), such as fatigue, bonus experience points, a base, infinite range status staves, and more.
  • A thematic and involved storyline, while remaining much more grounded compared to FE titles. The conflict is purely something between humans with disagreements, rather than with a big bad dragon.
  • An expanded class roster, adding classes like Malig Knight, Gryphon Rider and Dark Knight, as well as reclassing.
  • A large selection of personal weapons, allowing characters to have more unique niches in gameplay.

Current Project Status:

We unfortunately don’t have a demo yet, as we are currently transitioning from FE Builder to Lex Talionis. However, we are looking for new devs to join our team! Any skills are welcome; writing, spriting, eventing, playtesting, and whatever else you can bring to the table. :slight_smile:


Come join our Discord!




NOTE: The final three screenshots are taken from the original FEBuilder version of the game, and thus might not completely resemble the final product.


I’m willing to through my hat into playtesting and possibly writing if you’re interested

Join the discord to get into contact with me, and we can discuss further details.

ooo i look forward to this

So… this looks like it would be very nice. love the story!

Does Lex Talionis mean this hack wouldn’t be available on a gba emulator? just wondering. All the best with your project Neppit!

Yes, this project wouldn’t be on a normal ROM or playable on an emulator. Instead it would just come in the form of an executable file, like any other PC game.

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Oooh, this hack looks really promising!

Oh okay. I only play rom hacks because I don’t have a properly functioning laptop but all the best with you project! hopefully a youtuber does a LP I can watch :slight_smile:

i’ve tested games before. if you’re still looking for playtester,
i could, i also tried my hand at spriting