[Lex Talionis] Fire Emblem: Cycle of Remorse (Version 0.7.4)

Hey guys! It’s FEE3!! Just as a reminder, Cycle of Remorse’s video is premiering on October 11 at 6pm EST! I’ve been working really hard on updating Act 1, adding new things, rebalancing, etc.

And as always, there will be a work stream on my YouTube channel this upcoming Monday at 2pm CST, so feel free to drop by as I make the final tweaks for the big FEE3 update! I’ll probably be working on Support conversations and other miscellaneous things.


EDIT: I deeply apologize, but had to get a hotfix in for the game since the engine got a really important update to make sure the games on it actually. You know. Run. but yeah if you downloaded it sometime today, please give it a re-download. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Hey guys! I’m dropping the big FEE3 update (v0.7.0) now since I’ll be busy doing an FE4 stream and FEE3 watch party on my YouTube channel later today (shameless plug).

Anyway, if you come here later from the trailer, hello!! I’ll edit this post to include it once it’s uploaded. The trailer is REALLY outdated. In version 0.7.0, the stats are not as inflated and the maps are not as big, but the same overall vibe of the game is still there.

As always, check out the Changelog for details on the update and have fun!!

Here’s the trailer!


Hey guys! Small update since I noticed some small errors with reinforcements in chapters 7 (Route A) and 8 as well as some dialogue typos. Tbh you’ll wanna download this update for the reinforcements thing lol.

I’m also in the process of updating the database and putting up more up-to-date screenshots in the first post. Sit tight!

Anyway, as always, have fun with CoR!


Hey guys! Got another minor update for you all. Made a slight change to Chapter 2 to make things a little easier as well as some other small changes. Anyway, link’s in the OP and as always, have fun!

EDIT: Had to do another hotfix since i forgot to revert some settings when my husband did a playthrough sorry!!


Just watched the trailer and pretty excited for this one! Looks like a great hack so far

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Hey guys! So just got version 0.7.3 uploaded! I had to fix up a bunch of errors as well as had to wait for a certain engine bug to get fixed, so everything should be functional now! As always, check the included changelog for details on the update and have fun!


Hey guys! Just a minor update coming in. Fixed up some errors and adjusted some weapons and such. As always, check out the included changelog and have fun!

(I forgot to mention this in the changelog, but I reverted the Brave effect on all Slim weapons to be able to double on both Player and Enemy phase)


Hey guys! it’s been a couple of weeks, so just wanted to let you all know about progress so far!
Chapter 13 is basically done! it still needs to get playtested through, but all the writing and mapping associated with it is done. I’m currently working on chapters 14 and 15 simultaneously. Mapping for both chapters is done, i just need to get their scripts all settled.

I do wanna show off Chapter 15’s map since I’m really proud of it!

It’s an arena map where your units go one-on-one with the enemy units! There’s some unique stuff i wanna do with it, so stay tuned!

And uh. i did something self-indulgent a while back. I just. REALLY needed to do this. Putting this under spoilers since this is somewhat embarrassing but im posting it online anyway lol

Self-Indulgence ahoy!



Hi guys! Just sharing some progress updates. Chapter 15 is pretty much all set gameplay-wise. I’m gonna be working on Chapter 14B this week.
Oh, and new recruitable unit to show off!
(Borrowed the bunny hood part from the Spring!Camilla mug by Jey the Count)
Her name’s Yumi. She’s in the Rogue class and joins the party after beating Chapter 15. tbh, i didn’t plan on making her recruitable at first, but she grew onto me.
And let me share some Support scripts too! I’ve been busy jotting down lines for Support chains because I know I’ll forget my ideas if I don’t otherwise

To end off the progress updates, I made another really self-indulgent thing. You can hear me sing in this one! I’m actually really proud of this, but i’m still putting it under spoilers if only because it’s not actual game dev progress lol

More self-indulgence below


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Hello :wave: Project looks real cool! I’m gonna give it a download when I get to my computer :desktop_computer: I’m working on Lex Talionis project too, so it’ll be cool to see what you’re able to do with the engine! :grin:

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