[Lex Talionis] Fire Emblem: Cycle of Remorse (Version 0.8.0)

Hey, PK, didn’t know this was here. I’m definitely gonna have to give this a play.
Looking forward to seeing your trailer for FEE3 :+1:

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So uh. Scratch that idea I guess. Balance patch will come out in the near future! I was recording footage for the FEE3 trailer and ended up making changes to the game along the way, so thought i might as well release the changes to the public soon. I gotta get my main playtester to give it a run through and i also wanna do a fresh run myself.

Hey guys! The balance patch for Act 1 is complete! As always, check the original post for the download link.

Some notable changes include:

  • Reworked bases and growths for both player units and enemies
  • New weapons
  • And more!

Please check the Changelog for a more detailed list of changes.


Hey guys! I just released v0.4.1 to address some balancing and stat cap issues that i overlooked in the previous version. And I also added a new base conversation to Chapter 6 (Make sure you recruit everyone and keep everyone alive for this one)

As always, download link’s in the first post. Have fun!


Hey guys here’s another update coming your way! LT Maker got a few updates since the last time I did a test playthrough, so I wanted to make sure the engine updates didn’t break anything. Along the way, I made a few minor balancing changes and fixed some bugs that I caught while checking events and whatnot. As always, check the included Changelog for details on the update and have fun with v0.4.2!

Oh, and my self-imposed month-long break is almost over, which means I’ll actually start working on Act 2 in a little over a week from now! I’ll try to keep you guys updated on the progress here on the thread.

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So, I went back to work on this a little early. I’m officially starting work on Act 2! So, no major updates to the game until then. Chapter 11 is currently being worked on and I wanna show off some characters who will be featured in Act 2!


Anyway, I don’t know how often I’ll be updating this thread with devlogs, but I’m gonna try to aim for weekly posts if possible. See y’all later!


Game is way too easy. While the story and sound track is interesting. being able to breeze through everything after the 1st few chapters made me drop due to snore fest of all the player units are stat inflated compared to the enemy units mid to late game. I Stopped at chapter 9 because I can not enjoy curb stomping everything. maybe buff the enemy mid game or lower the growths/base stats or something.

Hey man, thanks for the feedback! I don’t plan on getting a balance patch up until getting Act 2 up, but that’ll be something I’ll keep in mind.

Hi! i’ve been having a lot of fun with the game (it’s a bit on the easy side but it’s still fun :3), i just wanted to report a certain maybe spoilery bug…


It seems that promoting jake (Done so with a master seal on the chapter 7x prep screen) will make him unable to use ballistae. Nothing too impactful but i just wanted to mention it :slight_smile:

Glad you’re enjoying it! And thanks for the bug report, I’ll get a fix up soon to address that

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So, small progress update I wanna talk about with CoR. I will fix up the bug Luba mentioned (It’s actually fixed on my end, it was just a small oversight on my part) However, I am waiting on a certain engine bug to be fixed, so it may be a bit until that gets uploaded.

In the meantime, I’ve been messing around with enemy base stats and player unit growth rates to raise the difficulty of the game so far. On top of that, Chapter 11 is currently in the works! I can at least show off a quick screenshot of it:

I don’t wanna say too much about it right now, but progress is going well!


Hey guys, it’s update time!! I know I keep saying that balance patches will be coming when Act 2 comes out, but that’ll be a long way’s away, and the game’s too easy at the moment. So, I just finished up a test playthrough to see if this new difficulty will be good moving forward. Enemy units should feel more comparable to player units now. As long as you play at least somewhat strategically, you should be fine.

Anyway, some changes include lowering all player growths, raising all levels of enemy units, and fixing up any bugs that were present in v0.4.2.

As always, download link’s in the first post, check the included Changelog for all the changes, and have fun!


Hey guys! Just a quick dev log to let you all know how the game’s going. So, I know I just released a balance patch but uh. I’m working on a complete base stat overhaul at the moment. The plan is to have base stats more comparable to vanilla FE GBA just so those stat cap bars on the unit status screen arent too long or too short. But beyond that, it also allowed me to reevaluate all the player units’ and enemy stats and growths, so you can expect more rebalancing. I know i keep readjusting things, but i really want Act 2’s gameplay to feel as tight as possible, so i gotta make sure Act 1 feels good to play too!
Speaking of Act 2, Chapter 11 is done! Chapter 12 is currently on hold as i try to figure out projected player unit levels up to that point.
I’ll edit this post probably some time tomorrow to show off more Act 2 mugs and maybe stuff related to the stat overhaul? We’ll see. See yall in the morning!


Kinda late at night tonight but that whole overhaul i was working on is now complete! Version 0.6.0 is now out. Other than the stat changes, i added some new music to the game, so you might notice some new tracks depending on the route you choose. but yeah as always, link is in the first post, check the changelog for details on changes, and have fun!


Act 2 Progress Update! All playable characters up to Act 2 have portraits now! (Semi’s portrait made by JoshSSJGod, Anna’s portrait made by FireEmblemier, and Jake’s portrait made by knabepicer)
CoR Player Unit Showcase


So, another quick update! I lowered the stats of the bosses for the last chapter to make them a bit more manageable and I added an Unlock staff in one of the chests in Chapter 8 to give Staff users more options to raise their Staff ranks. There’s some other little things here and there that got tweaked. As always, download’s in the first post, check the Changelog for details on updates, and as always, have fun!

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Uh. Another update? Okay, I had to tweak more things in the final chapter of Act 1 again, but other than that, there were just some other minor things that I changed. v0.6.2 is up!


So, no new update, but I did wanna let you guys know what’s been going on with the game lately. I’m in the middle of implementing a huge change: making maps smaller. As I was going through my own play tests, i noticed that my infantry units were falling behind more than i would like if i wasn’t specifically feeding them kills. And I also noticed that maps in the GBA games were smaller than what i’ve been making my maps, especially in the early game, so i thought a downgrade in size would be a good idea.

This update is planned to drop around when FEE3 is going on, more specifically right after the trailer I made for it drops.

In terms of Act 2 stuff, I just finished up Chapter 12, and currently working on Chapter 13!

This one’s a defend map where you protect the four farmhouses from bandits coming in from each side of the map. The crop tiles are ripped from Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town btw


Hey guys, progress update! So, i just went through another playtest and did level adjustments for both enemies and recruited units, and I also figured out enemy placements for Chapter 13! Oh, I’m also starting to do weekly dev streams on youtube every monday at 2pm CST, so come stop by if you wanna hang out and watch me work!


Hey guys! So, the FEE3 presentation schedule’s finally out. See y’all on October 11th! Regarding that, I’m polishing up Act 1 stuff for the FEE3 update, so please look forward to that. Progress on Act 2 stuff will be put on hold while I get Act 1 tweaked.