Level loading issues

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  • Hacking method: FEbuilder
  • Base Game: Fe8
  • Steps to reproduce:

I’ve been working on a Fe8 romhack lately. Been having a lot easier time with it then I expected, but have run into my first big roadblock. I have a level that when it loads into the actual level after the battle prep screen, it shows all the units for a few frames, then they all dissaper from the level and the game accepts no inputs. The debugger says Could not Identify Which memory to load.
Also, one of my characters in the battle prep is showing as a sage instead of a journeyman, and trying to open their character page causes the game to glitch out, accepting no inputs and displaying the same Coul not Identify Which Memory to load message.

Does anyone know what type of things might cause these errors, and how I might go about fixing it? I’m not sure how to upload the report.7z, but i have made one.

The “Could not Identify Which memory to load” is just a default message, it just shows that something went wrong and doesn’t give any information.

By what you described, my guesses would be that you either extended the class list without using EMS or you didn’t properly set up a trainee, but without a report that’s the best I can do.
Reports can be posted in the FEBuilder thread ((FE_Builder_GBA -- If you have any questions, attach report7z)), the FEU Discord’s FEBuilder channel, or NGMansion, which is the server of the creator of FEBuilder, 7743.