Let's talk about The Second Scouring

(Clarification: This is not my hack, it’s made by THE 1)

rhdn link: Romhacking.net - Hacks - Fire Emblem: The Second Scouring

The Second Scouring is an FE6 hack and a sequel story to Binding Blade, and I like Binding Blade. One day the stars aligned of feeling like trying out a lower-quality hack for some laughs, and remembering that this was a hack that existed. It doesn’t even have an FEU page, just a page on Romhacking dot net. That’s why I’m starting this thread here, to make you all aware that this hack exists.

Fire Emblem The Second Scouring-0

At first, all signs pointed to this being an easy hack to make fun of. Being an extension of an existing story, being posted in an unusual place for an FE hack, and being made by someone I’ve never heard of. Surely this hack that has existed in near complete obscurity was going to be a complete joke.

All expectations were smashed.

Guys, the hack is good.

It’s best described as exactly like what Mystery of the Emblem’s Book 2 is to it’s Book 1. Roy goes on another adventure with a mix of new maps and repurposed old maps, characters returning from the previous story while others you wished were playable are not, and you get some new faces too.

Where most hackers would choose to “fix” the unreliable hitrates of Binding Blade, this bold hacker instead chooses to… not change them. They really captured the essence of FE6 combat where enemies aren’t too tough individually, but misses CAN and WILL happen. There are absolutely changed stats on some weapons, but that unique FE6 game feel that most people hate is here. If you like FE6, give this hack a go.

Epic FE1 Hammers! (And Wade)

On the story side of things, it’s just okay. There are some bad scenes, but also some really good scenes. As a whole, it’s inoffensive. Story isn’t the best part of any of my favorite games or hacks anyway. Heck, I enjoy Fates. You need a strong start button for that game.

A gathering of the greatest minds in Elibe.

What is the best part of this hack is the map variety. While I don’t think I would call any of the maps one of the best I’ve ever played, there were many maps with unique scenarios and objectives spaced out perfectly across the 24 chapters. I felt smart during many maps for correctly judging effective strategies to avoid what other players would likely feel are slogs. “Avoidable slogs” sounds weird, but it works.

Many, if not all FE games and a lot of hacks suffer from stale mid-lategames. Second Scouring avoids this pitfall with it’s excellent pacing and unique ideas for maps. Large, complex maps are followed by smaller, simpler maps. Multiple maps don’t even have enemies on them, but they are decidedly not “FE7 Battle Preparations” chapters. The final battle isn’t half bad either.

A gigantic map that may seem like it will take forever… but a flier’s path to the throne is hardly defended.

Second Scouring not only captures the FE6 essence in it’s combat, but also in it’s cast. There are good units, and there are bad units. You may feel like you’re deploying filler units for a long time, but it works out. It also makes it feel all the better when you finally get new units, often in large, spaced out groups rather than the common drip-feeding approach most hacks take now. It’s different, and I appreciate different. It works pretty well too, I actually had quite a few deaths in my playthrough and I didn’t reset for most of them. FE maps take time and I have a life, you know. Roy is actually pretty good in this, but he’s only a little bit stronger at base, like FE3 Marth. His growths are actually worse than in Binding Blade. With his prf sword, he’s a lot like Chrom really. Weapons are a bit tight early on so it’s pretty useful.

This is funny because Chrom is supposedly an echo fighter of Roy in Smash.

Even though there are characters that are much worse than others, I can’t think of many that are useless. Like in Binding Blade there are base class enemies throughout the entire campaign, so training weak units is always possible. Many join above level 10 too, so you can promote them right away if you want, sometimes for massive gains.


This promotion was nerfed in a recent update. It used to be even better.

Menu graphic palettes are a bit messed up as you can see in some of the screenshots. I don’t know why this is, but it’s not a big deal. It gives the game some old hack energy despite being in 2023, I guess.

Anyway, please go try this game. The hack is good, chief.

Chapter 1 Gonzales. I shouldn’t need to say anything more.


I’m sorry but where you high playing this?

I played this a few months back and well

I’ll just say I did not like it very much.

Hey uh what if I don’t have a flier?

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Looks like itd be worth a try

Hooo boy this hack certainly is something.
I played this around April of this year and my suggestions to the hack author are part of the reasons for the newer updates. I don’t want to be too harsh in this critique, as I have been in contact with the author personally and I know this is his first hack.

Note: This review is based on an older version; The story and/or gameplay may have been modified since then.

Things I liked about the hack

  • As stated in the OP, there as no attempt to “fix” the hitrates at all. From contacting the author, he seemed to want to keep the game as vanilla as possible which I do find admirable.
  • The hack’s scope I find rather impressive for a first hack; Not only is it a full fledged hack, It’s also done in FE6 as well, which is notoriously difficult to hack.
  • The hacker took time to write supports and rewrite old Fe6 supports that no longer make sense during this hack’s premise.
  • Being able to to buy hammerenes, spears and tomahawks was really neat.

Things I dislike about the hack

  • Characters seem to generally out of character. Wolt is giant douche to Roy, constantly undermining during the early parts of the story and eventually leaving the party entirely.
    He does return, and this is all he says for it.
    Another random example I’d like give is Sue.
    afterwards, she just joins you like nothing happened.
    This of course doesn’t apply to every character in the game of course, and there are characters that I can say are written quite well, the Niime cutscene really comes to mind.

    There is one more character I would like to go on about, but I’ll put that in the spoiler section below.
  • I’m going to disagree with OP about the maps, I found them rather long and tedious to do, along with the fact that you never obtain a warp staff
    (For reference, you start at the very bottom center part)
Story (Spoilers)

I’m going to disagree as well that the story was not offensive. I mentioned in the character section that there was one character additional character that I wanted to talk about.
That is Elphin.

Elphin is the big bad of this hack. He has his father killed, and has the legendary weapons stolen, using mercenaries from Bern, as to make people think Bern was responsible for the attack. The legendary weapons will then be used to genocide the dragons in Arcadia.

As it turns out however, he was being Manipulated by this Legance recolor
Weimar is a war dragon, who orchestrated the entire plot of this story. The reason he used mercenaries from Bern was so that he could possibly trigger another war.

I don’t use this term lightly, but Elffin’s character was absolutely assassinated. He’s been to arcardia and seen the peaceful dragons there; As well as having a support with Fae.

And that wraps it up with my thoughts on the game as a whole.

Random Little Tidbits.

  • The author didn’t know that promotions were class bases based so that’s what led to some wacky promo bonuses on previous versions
    I don’t have the image of gonzo capping hp on promotion unfortunately
  • I know the GUI pallet issues are caused by trying to change map events at all, happened to me when I was making yoder route.

I need to show one thing about that 3rd map you pointed out:


The door works. It sucks to give up the seven chests on the map, but most of them don’t contain super important things.
The loot is:

  • Fortify
  • Silver Card
  • Elysian Whip
  • Bolting
  • Silver Blade
  • Devil Sword
  • Devil Axe

It sucks to give up the silver card, but I don’t think you really need it. There are other ways to get bolting, and physic staves are good enough that you don’t need fortify.

Seeing an npc berserk enemies was pretty cool too.

The thing is you can’t really know if what’s inside a chest is ‘worth it’ without opening the chest.


Which is why we can thank ScubaLuigi for doing that for us!

So it sounds like the hacker wanted to really emulate FE3 by making Elffin the Harkin of this game. Thats sad

That doesn’t really fix the base issue of not knowing if it’s worth slogging in pain for the chest.
In other words it doesn’t make the map good,
Also you need a flier [or pirate] to skip the map so oof.

Oh no, i wasnt saying it was a good map. Definitely dont think it is. Just greatful to know i dont need to waste my time on it. (I say this but i still have the strong urge to grab all treasure)

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Spoiler discussion

Well, is not like there were many options for a FE6 Hardin equivalent…
Elphin is the one closer to his setup of being a leader of one of the mayor oppossing forces to Bern that survives to became a ruler and is not the main character.
The thing is that Hardin becames evil because of the dark sphere…

If there is some mind control on Elphin, then his charactet changes would be justified (you can justify any one going evil with mind control). :thinking:

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There’s only a hint of that in a single house dialogue. Something about a dark book.
It’s not nearly enough to judge what the dev what going for there.

I don’t claim the story to be a strength of the hack anyway.

Elphin is kinda like how Zephiel was in FE7 so maybe thats where theyre going with it

Whoa, what a discovery. FE6 getting the FE3 treatment! Sweet!
Has the creator done anything outside of this hack?

He made another one for FE7. I’ll get to that one eventually, but a lot of the reason I like this hack is the FE6 experience. I don’t expect that would be a part of an FE7 one.

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Where most hackers would choose to “fix” the unreliable hitrates of Binding Blade, this bold hacker instead chooses to… not change them.

Not all heroes wear capes.