Let's Play The Dragon Herald

FEE3’s exposed me to a lot of neat looking projects that members of the community are undertaking, and I’d like to give as many of them a try as I can.

To that end, I’m starting with The Dragon Herald, and here is my first episode of the Let’s Play:

I’m trying to pre-record episodes to get ahead so I can conclude the series with a proper review video, so if you can’t catch all the episodes, just know there’ll be a scripted review in a month-ish from now too! I’m finding it very fun so far though.


Good luck my friend this hack beat the crap out of me

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This Let’s Play is now complete! I even made a review of the romhack now that I’m done with the game (for Youtube at least; I’m still halfway through a second playthrough I did to gather more context for the review):