Let's Play: Mega Man BN3

back again with another let’s play

doing some classic battle network, same upload schedule as before (T/R/S) with probably an extra on Sundays


For a huge fan of Megaman like me, I gotta say that BN3 is the most broken in the whole Megaman Battle Network series. it got some of the most OP battle chips in the whole series game of Battle Network that not been banned or even limited in PvP battle. And since we all have 1000 HP in PvP battle, it’s not about tatical anymore, just about who will reduce enemy HP to 0 faster.

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Yeah, that pretty much sounds like MMBN3, alright. Hell, there’s this fan made superboss, Bass BX, who is practically tailor made to be the hardest son of a bitch in the land, and with Beastman, a few Atk+ chips, and a command code, the man known as giver336 tore through its 2500 hp without breaking a sweat. It doesn’t matter how much love and effort you put into your strategy, or even your boss’s hp: MMBN3 finds a way.

While I never bothered battling other people because >link cables, none of this sounds like a bad thing in terms of the campaign lol

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It really isn’t, if you like breaking games. Which I do, so it’s a good thing for the story.


Gater…Airhockey…ChaosUnisons…LOTS of BN6 stuff…

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Metal Gel can be used to replace AreaGrab with higher damage deal
AntiDamage threw 3 shurikens
Crash Shield creates a gate that can block all damage, this makes Canon combo become trash
Prims is like V-Doll but more overpowerful with longer duration and it can stack with an area effect. Luckily that we do not have Full Synchro until late game
FullCust hadn’t been limited and you can use 5 of them in one deck. Any Player who loves using P.A combo will love this
FolderBak restore full deck in battle
Muramasa with 999 damage maximum, not to consider that Muramasa P.A combo called BodyGuard will throw into the enemy face 18 shurikens that unable to block
AreaGrab as early of the BN series can lock down any enemy into one place and after that, we all know how much damage does Meteor can deal (30x40=1200)
Flashman can be active immediately, not delayed like BN6 or make enemy blinded not stunned like BN5.
Recycle allow to use Navi chip twice and Bass is counted as Navi chip
Elemental Sword is a PA that will slash 4 elemental sonic booms cause a maximum of 600 damage. Var Sword is a chip that you can bring 4 of them into one deck, and they are just like Elemental Sword, except that the total damage is 640
You like Sensor in BN6, well BN3 has KillerEye with will attack immediately, no delay and can attack as many times as you like. This is an Upgraded version of KillerMan in BN6. And since BN3 doesn’t Bubble Status, if you standing on Ice Area Effect and attacked with Thunder elemental attack, double damage. A single-chip cause 500 damage is so much OP.

in other news


FullCust is restricted to one copy per folder and takes up a Mega Chip slot (not that anyone wouldn’t put it in the folder anyways)
FullSynchro isn’t a BN3 thing
Muramasa requires you to be at 1 health to do that much damage
Other stuff on that list is either end game chips, or simply a combo the player can create

Wait what am I arguing again? Oh right…BN3 isn’t the most broken. that’s this

Have… have you forgotten FolderBack? That chip that combines FullCust and giving you all of your chips back? Allows you to use PAs again? An infinite use chip because FolderBack also restores itself?

I tend to think that 3 is one of the most broken games in the series. Sure, 6’s chip combos are nothing short of brutal, but at least THAT game doesn’t have a “press A and do this button combo to deal 640 damage minimum” chip. That may just be me though.


I get that this is mega man related but it has nothing to do with the let’s play
Can we curb or move this discussion lol


I mean, sure, but this IS related to the game in question.

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My apologies, I react poorly to threads full of amateurs. Ahahaha

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right I was out all day

And now a dungeon that functions like a Flash Man stage should, unlike Mega Man 2 hee hee

… wow just watched a video on that, that stage is garbo lol, from start to finish

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I wouldn’t say garbo, just like…ice blocks in the stage of a guy called “Flash Man”. What?

Anyways, I’m guessing you’re not going for a super-optimal folder for the first few bosses right?

Three episodes in and someone’s already plotting to kill a couple of 11-year-olds and a 6-year-old. Classic BN, alright.

Powerful image.


I’m just running in; if I get a bunch of chips with the same code and some PA’s, it’s out of luck lol

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speaking of PA’s…