Let's make an hacker tier list

Why not
here’s my (old) take on it:
Everyone praises him:

Godly wizards:
-Cam(Not anymore but in a time so far away that fe7 was still considered the best)

Good wizards:

Made one asm hack and became wizards:

Lost their fame:
-Brendor(RIP midnight sun, tho if he releases the asm he did for it he’ll go higher on the list)

Not wizards but really good:

Prob forgot a bunch of peeps

Sooooooo is this supposed to be official or are we all meant to just discuss whos the best?

Kind of a strange thing to rank honestly

Relevant. Even if it is from July 2014.

It’s a joke mostly

I abused my mod powers to add myself to the last list thank you very much