Legendary Weapon Name

I made a legendary spear for Nuramon’s Grand Paladin animation. Can someone help me come up with a good name for it?



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Just google whatever mythology/historic tales fit best in the world that you’re implementing it into. Elibe’s names are mostly based on the Song of Roland (with a smattering of names from stories of regions nearby). If it’s for your own fully custom story, even easier.

Or just call it Spear. It never let Vaida down.

When in doubt, use a name not from a weapon.
FE has never shied away from taking liberties with names, like how Excalibur is a tome and not a sword. You could google some obscure names from ancient cities or people and use them.

I’m actually rom hack FE8, and I have decide on Rhongomyniad, King Arthur’s spear

If that’s going to appear in-game, that seems too long to fit.

^ Think I inserted that name many years ago and had to shorten it down to something like “Rhongomiad”.

I’m not as familiar with FE8’s name inspiration but the legendary weapons are based on Norse mythology, can always peruse some of that if you want in an in-theme replacement for Rhongomyniad.