Legault 2.0 animation sheed finished, need help with anim

Hello guys, i Just fiished this handsome boy but need help with animations. I just don’t know how to do it, how to animate him
Any help is very welcomed, thanks!

EDIT: Eureka!

EDIT 2: Works in-game now! :smiley:


@RobertFPY hey man, do you free now? This friend needs a little help from you.

You call it Legault 2.0, but what’s different? What did you change? The palette?

Hello guys! thanks for answer. @zerorock1312 looks like I found the way to animate it, but any advice is very welcomed because looks like a lot of work. I’m workng on it anyways.

@Klokinator Well, it is supposed to be based on this artwork

Yeah, I know it’s not a great difference, But a never liked his high gloves, blue pants and showing the belly, so I decide to make his clothes more… cannon, more-less