Lava Fields Tileset

I made a new volcanic/lava cave derivative kind of tileset, building off of HyperGammaSpaces’s work here: Ultimate Graphics Repository: NEW UPDATE - Now using GITHUB - #3430 by Klokinator

An older version of the palette used for that tileset had pink colours in it, which I really liked, and that got me to make this initially as a sort of Lava Fields tileset with pink grass contrasting against the dull grey rocks and mountains. From there I made several further additions; dead trees, brown dirt, small village tiles, and even a large castle:

I handled all of the repaletting and edits to the object image and mapchip files myself; it was a very educational experience. I used this tileset for my entry into round 12 of the Map Contest, and I also made a couple more maps to demonstrate what can be done with this tileset:

mapping example lava

mapping example lava 2

Sample map 3

I think it’s rather versatile as-is, but if you do end up needing a more specialised volcanic-type tileset, it should also work well as a point to start from, rather than going from scratch. I hope that this tileset can be of some help to others!

edit: haha whoops, here’s the link:


Good stuff. Is there auto tiles to this?

What I love about this tileset is that it really captures the spirit of being in Ipswich town centre.

love it, now I can make a map a burning hellscape without it playing like a burning hellscape!

Sorry, I’ve never used nor set up auto tiles before.

Ah, that’s fine I was just curious

this is very good

This tileset makes me really happy to see! I is exactly what I’m needing for some upcoming chapters, and I had sort of gotten stuck thinking what to do about that. Very nice work :grin: