Lances Range

So, I got a question, I’m using nightmare and trying to give slim lances 1-2 range. What do I change? It’s for any of the 3 gba games. Thanks.

In the item editor, there should be an entry(assuming you are using the default modules) that is
“Minimum - Maximum Range 0x01”. Change that value to what you want the range to be. In your case, change that byte to 0x12.


Thanks I did that but, I need the animation for it too. When I give them the 1-2 range the animation scene cuts parts out. That’s why I am asking to edit the animation style to javelin or spear type?

For FE7, there is the Spell Association editor. Use that to edit the entry for the slim spear, changing the animation to whatever you want, or change a pre-existing entry to the slim spear.

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