Lance Eliwood Battle Animations?[Sort of Solved]

Does anyone know if the Lance Eliwood animation is still available anywhere? I’m not talking about the Ephiwood animation but rather the one in this video .

I was planning on recreating it but didn’t want to have to waste time if it was already available.

Look under Edited GBA FE Characters. I don’t know whether it works or not, however.

The only other place I can think of having seen that Eliwood is in Dream of Five, wherein it is Seymour’s lance animation.

@Tequila’s link is Ephiwood.

I checked it out and it’s just Eliwood using a lance with his normal movements and not the changed movements shown in the video.

Thanks though, I’m going to get to working on recreating it then.

I don’t have the lance ones, but you might find this sheet interesting. [Credit to princesskilvas]

I saw that one, the bow animations are awesome.

I’m actually quite far in Lance Eliwood’s animation. I got the normal attack down and I’m halfway through the critical. I’m planning on just editing Ephraim’s for the javelin throw since I’m not skilled enough to do much else.