Know a little more about juicet1n!

hello, everyone! you might recognize my name from somewhere.

i’m juicet1n, and i’m someone who enjoys stretching my creative muscles. i’m not new to the discord server, but i am somewhat unfamiliar with the forums, so here we are!

if you don’t know who i am, i’m an artist who posts frequently on my twitter page (lots of fire emblem, i assure you), of which i share the same name. i like posting my digital art there as well as snippets of pixel art and other miscellaneous work. while i’m primarily a digital artist, i’m not new to spriting— but there’s always room for improvement! music is something i’m aiming to get better at, as well. i can’t wait to post some of my content here soon!

it’s nice to meet you, and have a good one!


Welcome! Been following your Twitter for a while, nice to see you here!

Welcome to the forums weary traveller.

Been a pleasure seeing your stuff on the discord, nice to see it getting compiled here too on the forums.

Have fun!

Look who’s here! Good to see you!

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