Kirb's tool request topic


Posted here because it didn’t look like it’d fit in any subforums

I created this thread because i want to get better at programming.

Basically, this is where you can ask me to make tools to make things easier/faster.


-only submit 1 tools request at a time.

-please make sure that the tools you want to be made hasn’t already been made.

How will this work:

You submit a tool request, i make the tools, i pm it to you and upload it here

Hopefully this’ll get a lot of request so that i can get good!

Note:all of my tools are made with c#


FE3 randomizer


Sure,what is the thing you want to see being randomized the most?


Classes and items. Include Enemy classes too if your feeling ballsy


Do you mean Starting classes or class bases and other shit?(same question for items)


Starting Classes and items yeah


Ok then