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all of my tutorials are .html files

FE1 Map Insertion Tutorial :

FE1(And NES games in general) Palette Editing Tutorial :


All of my tools are written in C# , And require the .NET Framework to be ran.

FE1 Map Converter(instructions are in the tut) :

FEditor Animation Script maker :

Documentation for it :


I love you

Yeah i love myself too(pls report glitch if you find some)

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Updated FEditor Animation Script Maker To Alpha 0.5 ; It now has integrated preset commands combo(updated the doc for it too)

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Another Update For the script maker , should be the last one for a while because i will start working on a beta version that’ll hopefully add ton of stuff(and i’ll also be working on a special version for emblem magic)

also updated the doc for it

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I caem

gud 4 u den (btw i got class randomization working)


as title suggest alpha as fuck but hey at least now hopefully every character’s starting classes in the game get randomized


We really need a unified randomizer that does every FE game.

Well then time to try something out i guess

dont download the version i posted 10 minutes ago it had a glitch, download this one instead.

y’all are gonna laugh, but i just lost everything

i’m fucking done

where is the take ms to court button

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so what should i redo first


Fe1 map stuff

You lost everything? But you dropbox links work

I believe he just lost all his source files
and my vote is for feditor script maker

(Probably)The last update to the fe1 csv to map converter.

added features:

  • Before, you had to substract 1 to your map size to have the correct map size, now the program does it for you!

Character changer asm

This is an asm hack i made for fe8 that allow you to change a character using his character Id.


It comes with a definition that makes it easy to use
How to use:
ChangeChar(oldid, newid)
oldid : id of the character you want to replace
newid : id of the character you want the old one to be replaced with




Modular Table Randomizer

Latest Version Op:
-Added LOOP command, working like so

Code Taken from the Readme: LOOP: LOOP // initiates loop 5 /*Number of time to loop*/ 2 // amount(in hex) to add to the offset each time 0xD00000 15 30 // Randomize offset 0xD00000 + (Current number of loop done * 2) from 15 to 30 5 times

-Made it throw more “readable” exceptions when there is an error in the script(mostly for when you used a wrong number of parameters for a command)
-Optimized the code a bit(that’s only important on my end but figured i’d still add it to the changelog)

Beta 1.1, with an explanation on the ELSE command MODULAR TABLE RANDOMIZER(MTR) BETA 1.1 Changelog: -Added ELSE, Used with IF like so
Code //else must be placed right after the end of The IF statement ELSE 25 21 56 //offset, min random value, max random value

-Started working on the ELSEIF Command(not actually usable as of now)

Beta 1.0, With an explication of how IF statements works MODULAR TABLE RANDOMIZER BETA 1.0 Changelog: -Added IF statements, working like so:
Code IF // tells the MTR that it's an if statement 0x25 // offset of byte to check in hex 0xAB // if byte at offset 0x25 = 0xAB, then 0x26 16 45 // this is just a normal randomization code, so 0x26 = offset 16 = min random value, 45 = max random value

-Added a messageBox Telling you Randomization worked

First version(Alpha 0.9) Changelog And brief summary of functions this is a work in progress of mine, a modular randomizer that works using scripts that tells him : - where to randomize a byte in the rom - the minimum value of that byte - the maximum value of that byte I was supposed to put some templates here for you folks to play with, however, with exams coming tomorrow, i wasn't possible to create some.