KelssFE (working title)

Early 2015 trailer

So yeah, here’s the long-awaited-by-nobody FEU thread for my project! Closed beta testing begins this weekend, with a public demo release coming soon.

Expository text-dump:
Our story begins in the northern reaches of the continent of Aertz, in Arnsk, a small country sandwiched between the eponymous Kelss in the north and its historical southern rival, Clarenz. Founded by a hero who rejected both sides of an old war and raised a land on his own terms, Arnsk has since fallen on hard times, trying several times to join both Clarenz and Kelss to no avail. As the lands of the north and south become wrapped up in their own problems, with Clarenz policing its eastern neighbors and dissatisfied rebels springing up like weeds in Kelss, a Kelssian envoy is sent to Arnsk to offer the small nation a chance to join a federation in exchange for contributing fighters to the ranks of the loyalist Kelssian Guard. Joakim, the Duke of Arnsk, sends his right-hand man, Theln, to meet the Kelssians and accept their offer while he musters the entire Arnskian military to answer the call to arms. But this is only the beginning, and as the conflict begins to escalate, more and more of Aertz’s nations will become involved…

Now, because it would be boring to post the same screenshots as on SF, have a smattering of different ones!:

Also, after pasting a draft of this into Notepad and closing my browser to come back to it later, it turns out Discourse already had it saved and ready for me with the “create a new topic” dialogue already up next time I went to FEU. That’s super-cool~


I’m really liking those sprites! Especially the new Cavalier and the Mage. Can’t wait to see more of it!

if only more people realized this

Glad you like them! All animations in the project that are generic and not character-specific will get released to the public a little while after the demo patch containing them is released.

It’s all fun and games until I make people travel the internet searching far and wide for all of the KlsFE screenshots in a Pokémon-esq quest.


There’s a special spot in Hacking Heaven for people like you. Releasing animations to the public is a really awesome thing to do.

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See, timed exclusivity is the way to go. People will have a cool, non-blocky cavalier to use, but it will also be known as “the cavalier from KlsFE”. :wink: Siena’s notArcher animation and Arsen’s notNomad animation are going to get the generic treatment soon enough as well.


It’s literally what I’ve always said people should do.

This reminds me that I never released the CM animations. I mean, I said anyone could rip them from the project, but I never actually released them.

Do you mean people should make their animations open source all the time?

Yes? Is this a trick question? I mean, I’m following this post so…

Probably mean ‘yes, do this more often’.

klok the communist

Oh, so you are misrepresenting what I said. Okay, fair enough.

i quoted myself by accident *, but i still think that’s a dumb idea.

but yeah, not gonna veer off topic

I don’t see an issue with making generic ish animations free to use.

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thought he originally was referring to all animations, including not generic ish ones

stop getting in a hizzy or I’m gonna klean all of your kloks

What even is the conflict here? Thinking that Klok wants everyone to release all their stuff, even super special shit like lords? I’m pretty sure even Leon Kloksky wouldn’t expect people to release non-generic, character-specific animations. The cleric here sets precedent for what I’m going to do: release animations and map sprites ①after the demo containing them has been released, and ②after they have been sufficiently generic-ified.
My mindset in doing this is less noble/communist/whatever and more giving back to the community that I’ve been a sponge upon for the past several years.


Yeah. I never said anyone should. I don’t expect Yeti to release Tristan/Uther/etc, but if he releases the halberdier, the other generics, that would be admirable. (Actually I’m pretty sure he’s releasing like 95% of the generics in the distant future).

Only an asshole would demand or even ask rights to a specific character animation. But generics should be free for all. You give to the community, everyone gives to the community, we all reap the benefits. But hey, it’s just the exact same thing I said in that one thread that one time, and let’s not rehash that clusterfuck.

It seems to me that the entire conversation is based on misunderstanding (a misunderstanding that I have no desire to dig up and shove front-and-center again in an attempt to resolve), so I’m going to go ahead and leave well enough alone.

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I decided to delay pre-release testing several days to almost completely revamp the non-prologue chapter that you saw a glimpse of in the screenshots:

Either we’re seeing Kelssian ingenuity at work or we’re about to intimidate the enemy with public defecation. Either/or.

The chapter pretty much fell into place once I got it figured out. ^ш^


Whoa, how did you make MOV 20? I guess the bases can deal with that, but I thought it was more than the game could deal with?

Venno made a hack to increase the maximum value for movement some time ago, so I bumped it up to 30. I use this to make penalties for weather less harsh (e.g. ×0.75 mov in rain instead of ×0.5; ×0.5 for fliers) as well as the armor/mounted bonus/penalty indoors. I also re-named mountains “hills” and made them give an odd-numbered movement penalty, so moving through a large swath of hills is a bit faster than going into the hills from plains.