Justice & Pride: Book 2 Remake (Cancelled)

Remember that time I cancelled J&P Book 2 and mentioned a remake before (including it being confirmed in FEE3 2022’s lineup)? Yeah it’s here now lol :midblink:

The long-anticipated revisit to the sequel to Justice & Pride, you will follow Ella and friends as she drives off a pirate invasion in Norbury territory, only to delve into a far larger and deeper conflict…

The hack is done using a new ROM from the original Book 2, and is far different than it mechanically and plot-wise, playing more like Mystery of the Emblem (with less of the 1994 game design stuff) than Thracia.

Note that the FEE3 video was recorded a fair bit ago and will contain outdated things when it drops, but not so outdated as to make the hack unrecognizable.

  • A cast of new and familiar faces
  • Many new classes, like Seer and Hunter, and some old characters have been changed to new classes to accommodate the variety as well as to shake up their style from J&P 1.
  • A generally lower-numbers game style, with universal 20 caps and lower overall growth rates.
  • Toned down skills, many units have a personal skill (unless they have a prf weapon), and the primary class skills are Canto+ on mounts, Shove on infantry, and thief skills, but there’s no learned skills.
  • Lots of Kirby music :star_struck: There’s also non-Kirby music too!
  • LUIGI (he’s not playable in the current build :sob: but he’s in the ROM)
  • Funny new items!
  • Church terrain, which gives greater healing than a fort, but none of the defensive bonuses.
  • QoL stuff


Release 1 can be found here!

Join the discord here!


Big thanks to GoldblitzX for recording B2R’s FEE3 video, giving us an opportunity to see the hack in action!


Whats the raitio going to be of returning characters and brand new ones?

Out of the 13 characters to be playable in the first planned demo, 6 are returning from J&P1 (a 7th returning character will join after Ch 4, the end of the demo, but won’t be playable just yet because of that), but one of the “new” characters first appeared in J&P Gaiden, making 6 from J&P1, 1 from Gaiden, and 6 newcomers

The mad lad actually did it. Looking forward to more of this.

Well dang, now I have even more reason to replay J&P.

Its simply really,

I see Green hack, I play Green hack

Congrats on the public release buddy, a much anticipated revamp from a certified JP classic


Hi, I’m the person that recorded the FEE3 video this year for B2R.
As one of Green’s friends, and as a J&P fan, I can say this is a certified banger.


will there be supports for this one?


First release of funny hack! There are currently 4 chapters complete, and 13 recruitable units will appear during this time. Enjoy!


i’ll wait for this to be complete. but im happy to see a sequel to Justice and Pride.


Long time no see, gamers. I just wanted to clarify that despite the long radio silence, the hack is very much alive, just going slowly due to me being busier irl and doing other things besides hacking in my free time. I plan on having B2R return for FEE3 so look forward to that.


The doctor is in.


I tried playing this hack a bit but I seem to have encountered an odd bug. After chapter 4, the game started showing cutscenes from the sacred stones with portraits from this hack and then it brought me to the world map from the sacred stones. The only chapter I could play next was chapter 3 again so now I’m back at chapter 3 and Hugo got unrecruited but I still have Misha and Raion who I just recruited in chapter 4.

Edit: Just realized that only 4 chapters are completed. Disregard my prior comment unless that truly is a bug that wasn’t supposed to happen rather than a product of the hack being incomplete. Since I finished the 4 currently released chapters, I’ll give my thoughts on what I played. I played on normal mode and I would say that the difficulty felt good. It wasn’t super hard but it was still possible to lose units if I didn’t play carefully enough. The incentives to move fast such as villages and saving the green green unit in chapter 3 were good at stopping me from turtling and forced me to rely on Stephen’s mobility. The game also felt well polished besides some grammar errors here and there which is why I didn’t even realize at first that this hack was incomplete. Great job so far and I’ll look forward to the completion of this project.

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That’s such a quirky me reference.

I’m… really sorry, everybody. I’m not gonna be finishing the hack. In fact, I’m going to be retiring from hacking as a whole.

There’s a whole bunch of reasons for this, mainly motivation, a busier real life, and a growing disillusionment with the community and culture.

I know I promised you all B2R, and I’m sorry I couldn’t deliver.


It’s fine, man. I understand.
You had a good run.

Best of luck to you in the future!

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Maybe post the current state if someone wants to pick it up. Sad to hear you leave but good luck and success on your future way.

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Understandable, it was fun while it lasted i guess